Network Hub of Asia Korea’s Sole European-Style Neutral IX Connection with Cloud and Network Increased Value for IX Members

Network Hub of Asia

KINX has become the center of the IX of Asia including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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Korea’s Sole European-Style Neutral IX

KINX is the one and only L2 switch-based neutral IX in Korea. Learn more about the two core elements of neutral IX.

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Connection with Cloud and Network

Guaranteed Quality and Scalability without boundaries perfect for services that require large amounts of data.

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Increased Value for IX Members

Connect to domestic and overseas network service providers. For more information, check out KINX’s IX Member list.

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Companies around the world are embarking on a journey toward building a cloud computing infrastructure, which is a core part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Using cloud and smart technology, new scenarios that could not be realized in the past are being applied to various services. A number of companies are transforming their infrastructural environments by migrating from on-premise resources to cloud, connecting to hybrid cloud and adopting multi-cloud.

CloudHub provides a network environment with guaranteed security and speed by connecting to global CSPs and dedicated lines via the cloud exchange router.

Secure connectivity with AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Naver Cloud Platform and NHN Cloud Connect via CloudHub.


Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

IBM Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Naver Cloud Platform

NHN Cloud Connect

KINX IXcloud®

  • Transit


    KINX’s transit service allows you to connect
    with diverse ISPs and freely purchase transit
    service from the ISP of your choice.

  • Colocation/Hosting


    We install and manage servers and
    equipment at the data center to provide
    an optimized network environment.

  • Web/App Contents Delivery

    Web/App Contents Delivery

    All types of content can be sent
    via the web and mobile platforms
    at greater speed and efficiency.

  • Cloud


    What kind of cloud do you need? From
    consulting to BMT, free trial and customized
    services, we provide flawless services.

Korea’s One and Only Peering Forum

KINX hosts the KINX Peering Forum where we invite network experts from the fields of the Internet, telecommunications, broadcasting and portal services among others to discuss the promotion of interconnection. The participants get to discuss the latest trends and technologies related to peering, network with experts from various fields, and gain business opportunities.