Various connection scenarios for customer environments

CloudHub network

CloudHub has the most experiences and references in Korea in building hybrid clouds, multi-clouds, and global networks. We propose a connection model to suit to the customer's need and environment by combining various connectivity.

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Connecting hybrid clouds

Connect enterprise IT resources and public clouds

Connect on-premises and cloud resources in a dedicated network through CloudHub. Since Cloudhub guarantees a constant transmission rate (latency) and bandwidth, it can perform important data transmission and migration stably. CloudHub's virtual routers enables you to configure BGP without a physical router, in addition to providing managed service of professional engineer.

Connecting multi-clouds

Connecting two or more public clouds

Connect two or more public cloud resources, even on-premises with dedicated networks through CloudHub. Multiple cloud resources can be connected and managed for high-performance, large-capacity data management or DR (Disaster Recovery). CloudHub User portal provides Information, usage status, statistics, and alarms for lines that are connected in the CloudHub.

Connecting global clouds

The global clouds can be connected through overseas circuit providers that are connected to CloudHub. Using a dedicated network, high transmission quality, security and performance can be guaranteed, and connection delay time between countries can be minimized.

Connection using CloudHub switches

A Layer 2 network connection can be made through a CloudHub high-performance switch between on-premises and cloud resources. After selecting the cloud switch (CS) port, a connection (VLAN) to connect to the cloud can be created.

Connection using CloudHub routers

A Layer 3 network connection can be made through a CloudHub Virtual Router (VRF) between on-premises and cloud resources. After selecting a cloud router (CR) port, a connection (BGP section) can be created to connect to the clouds, and communication can be made between different networks (Static Routing or Dynamic Routing).

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