CloudHub user portal for convenient connectivity

CloudHub user portal

CloudHub provides a self-service portal to directly connect and monitor hybrid clouds and multi-clouds. By logging into the user portal, you can directly create and configure ports and connections, monitor usage and receive alarms.

Features of user portal

  • Creating ports and connections

    connections to 9 CSPs as well as port connections to switches and routers can be easily created, deleted, and managed through the user portal.

  • Monitoring connection status

    Connected port and connection information and traffic status can be checked at a glance.

  • Alarm management

    Setting thresholds for desired items can create alarms.


By issuing an account through the steps below, CloudHub services can be set up and managed directly.

  • Step 1. Sign up and an issue an account
    When signed up, an account will be issued to access the user portal.
  • Step 2. Portal access and port/connection creation
    Log in to the user portal, create a port for use on CloudHub switch or router, and create a connection.
    ※ Network communication starts only when the physical lines are connected after creating ports/connections.
  • Step 3. Connect physical lines (dedicated lines, XC)
    KINX configures a physical line for connecting your on-premises resources and networks, including the cloud.
    ※ If you need to procure a local loop, KINX will configure all lines including cross-connect.
  • Step 4. Complete the opening and start communication
    When all physical lines are properly connected, communication with the cloud is started using the ports and connections created.

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