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Web/Mobile Content Delivery

This is a service for delivering a wide range of content such as images, files, and texts over the web and mobile with greater speed and reliability. Caching technology is applied to store content on cache servers all across the world, and the content is transmitted from the server closest to the user, thereby reducing the response time. The network speed can also be kept stable even when Internet traffic increases due to a surge of simultaneous access. Web services and mobile apps can be operated seamlessly anytime, anywhere, ensuring high user satisfaction.

Web/Mobile Content Delivery

This service is recommended to

  • Operators of web and mobile apps for which data transmission speed is crucial

  • Game, mobile app and file sharing service providers that must send large files to multiple users

  • Companies providing web and mobile services to people worldwide

  • Companies wishing to resolve issues of transmission delays, impairments, etc. and improve their site speed

Effects of Introduction

Faster response speed of the web and mobile apps and preparedness against a surge in users
It is possible to speed up the site response by quickly transmitting content such as images, files, and texts, and to reliably handle traffic even when large traffic occurs due to a surge in users.

Accelerated content delivery and optimized image transmission
In addition to compressing and optimizing texts and images for transmission, dynamic content can also be quickly delivered to enhance satisfaction among the visitors to your site, etc.

Domestic and global content delivery made possible with a single setup
It is possible to transfer the same content to both domestic and overseas locations without using multiple CDNs. Just a single setup allows you to conveniently deliver content all across the world.

Content security, authentication, and virus protection
Service reliability can be enhanced through safe content delivery and security.

Main Features

  • The best performance guaranteed through edge servers in Korea and abroad

    Using multiple edge servers in Korea and around the world, the best network transmission performance is guaranteed, even if there is an increase in users.

  • Effective management and delivery of original content through automatic purge

    When the content on the original server is modified, the content stored on the edge servers is automatically replaced through automatic purge. The new original content is then automatically updated on each edge server through synchronization and then delivered to the user.

  • Accelerated transmission of dynamic content(HTML, JSP, PHP, etc.) that cannot be stored on the server
    in the middle-mile

    Static content (JPG, GIF, TXT, etc.) is sent directly from the edge server where it is stored, while dynamic content (HTML, JSP, PHP, etc.) that is difficult to cache is transmitted at an accelerated rate in the middle-mile.

    Accelerated transmission of dynamic content
  • Ensure security by encrypting the CDN content transmitted over SSL

    KINX’s CDN stores the SSL authentication encryption process separately on the server, preventing overload on the customer’s origin server caused by the use of SSL certificates and ensuring stable service performance.

    Ensure security by encrypting the CDN content transmitted over SSL
    ※ Can choose the SSL port 443, if necessary
    ※ The service is provided under the same concept as SSL offloading.
  • API acceleration, protection and management

    The communication speed of the APIs used on web and mobile apps can be accelerated. Usage data are collected in real time for an analysis of API requests from Korea and other countries across the world.

  • Image editing for transmission

    The image size is adjusted to fit the user’s device before it is sent. This reduces wasting the data and speeds up the transfer. It also allows image resizing, cropping, format conversion, GIF editing, automatic watermark insertion, and more.

  • Text compression

    Text is compressed according to the user’s connection environment as a means to improve the response speed and reduce the amount of data that needs to be transmitted.

  • Usage statistics and analysis reports managed by multiple accounts

    You can check the usage statistics and trends in the user portal and create sub-accounts to manage multiple CDN zones.

    Usage statistics and analysis reports managed by multiple accounts
  • Customized API

    We consult our client company on the requirements for interconnection between our CDN and their systems and develop and provide suitable APIs.

Rates & Plans

The web/mobile content delivery service is divided into usage-based plans and bandwidth-based plans.

Usage-based Plans

- Transmitted volume
- Storage
- HTTP or HTTPS request

* In the case of the usage-based plan, charges are applied in relation to the three items above. Please refer to the table below for detailed rates.
* Sign up today and you will be able to send 50GB of data and use a 100GB storage for free for 30 days. Decide whether you want to continue the service after the 30-day free trial.

Bandwidth-Based Plans

- Transmitting more than 100TB of data a month
- Use a service at a rate with the bandwidth-based conditions
- Need to configure the CDN according to your environment
  (API acceleration, SSL, image editing for transfers, etc.)

* If the above conditions apply to you, send us your inquiries for consultation and we will propose the most suitable CDN solution for your environment. Contact us now.
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Usage-based Rates
The total charges are calculated based on the data volume, number of requests and amount of storage usage.

Category Unit Charging Brackets Rate
Local Global
Data Volume GB/month no more than 200GB KRW 70 KRW 75
200GB to no more than 1TB KRW 55 KRW 60
1TB to no more than 10TB KRW 50 KRW 55
10TB to no more than 100TB KRW 45 KRW 50
Over 100TB KRW 35 KRW 40
Storage GB/month - KRW 80
Number of requests http 10,000 requests/month - KRW 11
https KRW 15

* VAT not included

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