HA cloud environments, Multizone is the answer.

IXcloud provides multi-zones that are physically and geographically separated and have independent networks, power and air conditioning systems.
Each zone is directly connected by a dedicated line, which ensures high transmission quality and reliable data communication.

Using the multi-zone service, it is possible to use the cross-zone network and multi-zone LB for network connection between the zones.
You can also prepare for failures by automatically storing the volume in use in another zone by Volume Remote Replication.

When configuring the service, it is possible to create redundancy and configure the HA and DR environments,
thereby creating a high-availability environment where there are no service interruptions.

  • Physical and geographical separation / Independent infrastructure

    Physical and geographical separation
    / Independent infrastructure

  • High transmission quality / Reliable communication

    High transmission quality
    / Reliable communication

  • Preparedness against unexpected situations / HA and DR configuration

    Preparedness against unexpected situations
    / HA and DR configuration

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Configuration Diagram
Multi-Zone Service Lineup
Category R1 Zone R2 Zone K Zone
Compute Basic instance
High-spec memory instance
High-spec computing instance -
GPU instance
Snapshot Volume snapshot
Schedule snapshot
Network CloudHub® / KDX
Cross-zone network
Load balancer GSLB
Single Zone LB
Multizone LB -
Volume Standard(SATA)
Premium(SSD) -
Volume vaulting -
Add-on services Backup
Web Firewall
* Multi-zone LB and volume vaulting service are provided to the R1/2 zones first.
New Multi-Zone Services
  • Cross-Zone Network

    Connecting multi-zone resources
    to the dedicated network

  • Multizone LB

    Load balancer for distributing traffic
    among multi-zones
    Can register members in other multi-zones

  • Volume Vaulting

    Automatically back up the volume created for storage
    Recover the backed-up volume in another zone
    (HA/DR configuration)

Multi-Zone Usage Scenarios

When creating an IXcloud project, you can select and designate desired zones and use two or more zones in combination.
It is possible to set up a disaster recovery system using backup and create service redundancy to better respond to various failure scenarios. Also, services can be operated without any interruptions even in the event of a power outage, flooding, fire or any other natural disasters.

  • Disaster Recovery System

    ① Zone Redundancy
    - Operate the service in the R1 zone and set up the minimum VM and backup environment for DR in the R2 zone

    ② Connection of Multi-Zone Resources
    - Connect the R1 and R2 zones using the cross-zone network to ensure availability

    ③ Automatic Backup on Regular Basis
    - Back up the volume created and serviced in the R1 zone in the R2 zone on a regular basis by remote vaulting

    ④ Recovery from Failures
    - Achieve prompt recovery in the R2 zone when a failure occurs in the R1 zone where the service is operated

  • Service Redundancy

    ① Infrastructure Redundancy
    - Set up the same service in each zone for service redundancy

    ② Communication within the Multi-Zone
    - Private network communication between the zones is enabled using a cross-zone network

    ③ Traffic Load Distribution
    - Prevent traffic overload by using the multi-zone LB service
    - Services can be provided as normal from another zone even in the event of a failure in one of the zones