Premium guide to optimizing cloud resources

Using Monthly Reports

The data collected using the exclusive monitoring tool of IXcloud are analyzed to provide an analysis report every month. The monthly reports provide users with information on the current situation with the cloud use and the insight they need to improve operations. The monthly report service is provided to the premium managed service subscribers.

Understand the information
on monthly use at a glance

Receive basic data and
analyzed data

Receive the report as a PDF file
to be circulated internally

How to Apply

Monthly reports are provided to IXcloud premium managed service users. Sign up for the premium service via the admin console or by contacting one of our sales representatives.

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Data Provided

Basic data, as well as analyzed data in regard to the use of resources, will be provided. The number of cloud resources in use, traffic volume, volume quantity, partitions whose usage is at least 80%, occurrence of events, resource distribution, monthly usage trends, and other information will provide you with some guidance to operate your cloud resources at optimal levels.

Analytical Data

- Monthly summary
- Number of instances used
- Number of volumes used
- Traffic situation (Inbound/Outbound)
- Event history
- Current status of all resources, etc.

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