Data file synchronization and sharing solution

File Cloud

File Cloud provides secure access to files from PC and mobile, provides synchronization and sharing functions. It is an easy-to-use and secure cloud-based file sharing solution. It uses the globally recognized 'Cyber Files Cloud' of Acronis to provide storage space for storing files.

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Category Specifications Monthly fee
(excluding VAT)
Extra charges
File Cloud Account: 1EA
Storage: 50 GB
10,000won 5,000 won/month per account
5,000 won/month per 50GB of storage


File Cloud supports access, synchronization and sharing of files of any type, among PC or mobile, cloud or local storage.

  • File access and sharing

    - It provides client environments including one-way and two-way synchronization
    - It allows for sharing documents between users via PC, mobile application, Mac

  • Comprehensive collaboration platform

    - Supports collaboration between organizations and external members through the functions of Office document creation, editing, and PDF annotation
    - Allows multiple users to edit file simultaneously

  • Safe data protection and management

    - Allows detailed settings of contents, users and devices for control and security
    - Monitoring user activity possible in compliance with audits/standards
    - Supports data trail function to manage users, applications

Main functions

  • Makes it possible to share files with
    ‘URL invite link’

  • An intuitive, easy to use UI

  • Guarantees the efficiency with the unlimited file size

  • Secure complete visibility through log verification

  • Makes access and editing possible
    in any device

  • Realizes complete security by blocking ransomware

<Provides a convenient user dashboard>

KINX IXcloud 파일 클라우드 편리한 사용자 대시보드 제공

Recommended to

  • Companies that want to build a server environment for storing and sharing files

  • Companies that need storage for quick and easy collaboration between organizations and external members

  • Companies that need remote access requirements and security policies for stored data

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