Global PoPs for Global Traffic

The overseas-bound Internet traffic in Korea is communicated to other continents via Hong Kong and Japan.
The widespread use of the Internet has increased the global traffic for IX members and data center customers,
ultimately necessitating larger bandwidth lines and more reliable network routing.
KINX has established network PoPs in Hong Kong and Japan to ensure more reliable transmission of traffic into and out of Korea.

Connectivity Between Korea and Global PoPs

The overseas PoPs in Hong Kong and Japan enhance global connectivity for IX members and customers.
In addition to providing a dedicated line between Korea and Hong Kong and/or Korea and Japan at a reasonable price,
you can peer with IXs, ISPs, and CSPs connecting from various countries is made possible. In other words, you can peer with members of
HKIX in Hong Kong, and BBIX and JPNAP in Japan right here in Korea without having to deploy a physical presence overseas.

Among global CSP, KINX is peering with Google in Japan. For customers in need of local ISP, KINX can provide the service on behalf of the customer.

Global PoP Connection Cable

The global PoPs built in Hong Kong and Japan ensure more reliable transmission traffic to and from Korea through redundant connection of submarine cables,
which also makes us better prepared for any incidents caused by cable failure.

As of August 2019 / Image source:
  • Hong Kong
    MEGA Plus

    299 Wan Po Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories

  • Tokyo, Japan
    AT Tokyo Chuo Data Center

    6 Chome-2-12, Koto City, Tokyo

  • Tokyo, Japan
    Equinix TY2

    3 Chome-8-21 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa City, Tokyo Japan

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