Managed service that maximizes the value of the cloud

“It is difficult to operate and manage the cloud.
  Managing the cloud cost is not easy either.”

Enterprises introduce cloud as a means to innovate their processes and boost their business value. However, many of them have been left disappointed by the fact that it isn’t as effective as they expected.

The reason the results of introducing cloud isn’t very satisfying is that it is difficult to operate cloud with an accurate understanding of its unique strengths such as scalability, agility and cost efficiency. Operating cloud from the same perspective as legacy infrastructure is one factor that lowers the effectiveness of using cloud.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of using cloud, consider signing up for managed services. Managed services are provided across the lifecycle of cloud from consulting to migration, operation, and modernization.

Using monitoring and monthly report provided to all customers of IXcloud by default, it is possible to keep the infrastructure in an optimized condition. If lacking technical manpower, try Managed Service, which is much cheaper than other places. All services required to operate infrastructure such as backup, monitoring, logging, security, will be provided as turn-key.

Advantages Gained from Managed Services

A Partner with Expertise in Cloud

The main objective of introducing cloud is to maximize business efficiency by virtualizing the infrastructure and developing cloud native applications for CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery). To achieve this, you need an expert who will accompany you in your journey. Sign up for our managed services to receive one-on-one consulting on all your problems and concerns.

Reduced Cloud Operating Costs and Workload

In order to directly operate cloud, you need a professional engineer with a high level of expertise in the cloud system who is capable of handling related issues and using rapidly advancing technology in order to operate and manage the latest version of cloud.

However, hiring professionals directly can increase the burden on the company in terms of labor costs and efficiency. By using our managed services, you can focus on your business and let us worry about issues related to cloud.

Automated Monitoring and Monthly Reports

A monitoring system is used for the instance of all customers using IXcloud, and monitoring tools are also provided. It is easy to check the current status of all resources by monitoring the basic resources for each server(IP, status, OS type), each resource(CPU, memory, disk, and network), and each process.

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Fees for managed services

All customers are provided with basic managed services necessary for cloud operation. If you feel that you need more meticulous management according to your business environment, opt for the premium service where we provide scrupulous management after identifying the exact details of your business.

Category Fees for managed services
Monthly cost
of using cloud
~ KRW 5 million 10% of the total bill (* Minimum fee of KRW 100,000)
KRW 5 ~ 10 million 9% of the total bill
KRW 10 ~ 20 million 8% of the total bill
KRW 20 ~ 30 million 7% of the total bill
KRW 30 ~ 50 million 6% of the total bill
KRW 50 million ~ 5% of the total bill
Services Provided
• Consulting on setup
• Monthly report
• Operation management
• Migration
• General support
• Monitoring tools
• Network interconnection
• Technical support
• Security
Contract term Monthly basis
* The contract will be automatically renewed every month unless contract termination is requested. If the services are used for less than a month, the fee will be calculated based on a day rate.
* In the case of on-site support from a professional engineer under the premium managed service program, additional charges will apply.

SLA of Managed Services

We promise to provide reliable managed services that you can trust.

Category Description Hours of operation Inquiry channel Response time
General inquiries General inquiries during
the hours of operation
Within busines hours
(9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
on weekdays)
One-on-one inquiries,
phone, e-mail
Within 4 hours
Task request Requesting a task that
requires input of additional time
(installation, setting, etc.)
24*7*365 One-on-one inquiries, e-mail Within 4 hours (* negotiations necessary for requests made outside busines hours)
Impairment Application error or
malfunction that does not
impede service operation
24*7*365 Phone Within 1 hour

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