Registration and Integrated Management of SSL Certificates

SSL certificate management

It is possible to register certificates to be used on IXcloud for integrated management. The registered certificates can be applied to the load balancer service. Plus, you can search for information such as the issuer of the certificate, the target domain, and the expiration date.

  • SSL Certificate Registration
    You can register a certificate to be used in IXcloud. The validity of the certificate is checked during registration.
  • LB Service Interconnection
    Certificates registered in SSL certificate management can be applied to the load balancer service.
  • Provision of Diverse Information
    Efficient management is possible based on the information provided on the certificate such as the issuer, domain, and expiration date.

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SSL certificate management is a basic feature provided by IXcloud, and you will not be charged a user fee for using this service. However, fees may be charged for advanced features that will be added in the future.

SSL Certificate Registration

By registering a public SSL certificate, you can view it and apply it to the load balancer service. When registering a certificate, the validity of the certificate is checked.
(You can register and delete only through the SSL Certificate Management menu.)

SSL Certificate Information Inquiry

Diverse information is provided on the registered certificate.

Item Description
Certificate name The name of the certificate designated by the user
Domain The representative domain (DN) of the certificate
Status Normal/Expired
Start date of the certification period Certification start date
End date of the certification period End date of the certification period
Issuing agency Certificate authority
Serial number Unique number assigned to the certificate

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