Strong Security System for Blocking External Access


It is a powerful security system that blocks external access by shutting down all the ports except for the ones used to provide the services. This prevents network security incidents, blocks external threats or illegal traffic, and allows only normal traffic.

* For details, please consult with the person in charge. Additional charges may apply depending on the service environment or customer requirements.

  • Juniper SRX Series

    Juniper SRX Series

  • Cisco Firepower Series

    Cisco Firepower Series

  • Fortinet FORTIGATE Series

    Fortinet FORTIGATE Series

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Configuration Diagram

KINX Firewall Configuration Diagram


Category Shared Firewall Standalone Firewall
Bandwidth Less than 5Mbps 5Mbps~100Mbps
Firewall Shared Standalone
Port Restriction Service Applied Applied
Monitoring Service Around-the-clock performance monitoring
Remote updates
Remote control of the firewall system
Real-Time Log Backup 3 months 3 months
Services Provided at Customer’s Request Monthly monitoring service report
Analysis of security vulnerabilities
Security consulting
Monthly monitoring service report
Analysis of security vulnerabilities
Security consulting
Network impairment/performance monitoring
· The firewall service is a type of port restriction service, and blocking of intrusion via the service ports (open ports) is not guaranteed.
· To prevent service port intrusions, you must use an additional web firewall service.
· The customer is responsible for the firewall security (rules setting, etc.) policy that they have requested.
· In the event of a problem with the security equipment (firewall), the security service may be temporarily suspended to recover and replace the security equipment.
· Monthly monitoring reports are provided in the form of a problem analysis report for the servers in which a problem occurred (upon customer request).
· This is a firewall monitoring service provided through InfoSec, an information security company.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring Service

Even if you have excellent equipment or solutions, you won’t be able to prevent an unforeseen attack without an engineer with professional expertise and skills in this area. Our engineers will actively respond to network problems and various adverse situations and help keep your services running 24/7 without any interruptions.

Category Products
Integrated Event Monitoring Around-the-clock monitoring for network impairments and performance
Around-the-clock monitoring for system impairments and performance
Around-the-clock monitoring for security event
Around-the-clock impairment/failure monitoring and response
Proactive Response and Real-Time Response Proactive network impairment monitoring and response
Response to intrusion attempts by primary and secondary response teams
Consistent handling from event report from the customer to completion
Operation of the CERT Team Analysis of trends regarding new vulnerabilities reported daily from around the world
Real-time change analysis (threat rate), risk levels of vulnerabilities and latest analysis report
Signature registration for vulnerabilities of service ports
Reporting Service Monthly service reports
Impairment handling reports
Help Desk Tech support for security
Service improvement and complaints handling

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