Customized services that are
directly designed and suggested by cloud experts

Cloud, is it all about creating virtual resources?
Continuous consideration is required for the efficiency and sustainability of cloud operation.
IXcloud enables cost reduction through optimal resource design and provides not only cloud adoption and operation
but also customized services considering scalability.

  • Global-level service quality

    Global-level service quality

  • Korea’s first OpenStack cloud

    Korea’s first OpenStack cloud

  • High availability multizone cloud

    High availability multizone cloud

  • Customized managed services

    Customized managed services

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Differentiated competitiveness of IXcloud®
IXcloud™ The World's No.1 Cloud OS, Openstack Cloud
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    Various types of cloud configuration

    The cloud can be designed and operated according to the characteristics of your business as it supports not only the public cloud but also the private cloud and multi-hybrid cloud.

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    The World’s No. 1 Cloud Platform, OpenStack

    With OpenStack, a platform with proven scalability and reliability with more than 180 companies participating from around the world, you can build an efficient cloud environment.

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    Stable network environment

    The network environment is the foundation of cloud services. KINX always provides a stable cloud service environment based on its unrivaled network expertise.

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    Reliable technical support with expertise

    No more waiting for a response from the call center. The cloud infrastructure of the IXcloud is managed by expert engineers 24 hours x 365 days, and it guarantees reliable technical support 24 hours x 365 days.

Cloud migration that integrates even the existing IT environment

The cloud environment built through IXcloud is highly scalable and efficient with an open design.
Besides, KINX provides cloud conversion consulting and migration tailored to the business environment and requirements
based on operational know-how of IXcloud, data center, and global cloud connection service.
Start your fast, efficient, and reliable cloud transformation now. Migration is supported by top-notch cloud expertise and automation tools.

Cloud migration that integrates even the existing IT environment
Multi-Zone Service for Zero Impairments and Zero Interruptions

Multi-zone service is provided through physically and geographically separated data centers.
Each zone is directly connected by a dedicated line, which ensures high transmission quality and reliable data communication.
Using the multi-zone service, it is possible to use the cross-zone network and multi-zone LB for network connection between the zones.

Multi-Zone Service for Zero Impairments and Zero Interruptions

You can also prepare for failures by automatically storing the volume in use in another zone by utilizing Multizone.
When configuring the service, it is possible to create redundancy and configure the HA and DR environments,
thereby creating a high-availability environment where there are no service interruptions.