Automatic expansion and reduction of resources according to settings

Auto scaling

This is a service that automatically scales up or down instances according to the auto-scaling policy preset by the customer by monitoring real-time usage of CPU and traffic. It can respond effectively to unexpected service loads and fluctuating traffic changes. It is more convenient because you can set the instance increase or decrease according to various factors.

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As a basic function of IXcloud, there is no additional charge.
(The fee for using the instance automatically expanded is charged only for the amount of time used.)

How to Use


  • Automatic scaling (up or down) of instances enabled through diverse load check element settings

    - Provides diverse features to set load check elements such as CPU usage, network Mbps (In/Out) and PPS (In/Out)
    - Secures cost optimization and high availability by raising or lowering the number of instances as load rises or falls respectively

  • Able to set complicated auto-scaling easily at a web control console through one-time process

    Quick and convenient settings without separate network setup or instance manipulation

  • Instance UP/DOWN alarm (SMS, E-mail)

    Notifies increases or decreases in instances automatically through the preset SMS or email

Recommended to

  • Businesses seeking simple and convenient auto-scaling without complicated setup process

  • Businesses aimed to reduce server costs effectively

  • Shopping malls experiencing sudden surges in web traffic

  • Game developers experiencing sudden surges of connections at a specific time

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