Automatic scaling up or down through real-time monitoring

Auto scaling

This service is able to scale up or down instances automatically according to the auto-scaling policy set by the client by monitoring CPU and traffic consumption in real-time.

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It is a default feature provided by IXcloud, and there will be no separate charge for this function.
(The automatically scaled-up instance will be charged based on the amount of time actually used)

How to Use


  • Automatic scaling (up or down) of instances enabled through diverse load check element settings

    - Provides diverse features to set load check elements such as CPU usage, network Mbps (In/Out) and PPS (In/Out)
    - Secures cost optimization and high availability by raising or lowering the number of instances as load rises or falls respectively

  • Able to set complicated auto-scaling easily at a web control console through one-time process

    Quick and convenient settings without separate network setup or instance manipulation

  • Instance UP/DOWN alarm (SMS, E-mail)

    Notifies increases or decreases in instances automatically through the preset SMS or email

Recommended to

  • Businesses seeking simple and convenient auto-scaling without complicated setup process

  • Businesses aimed to reduce server costs effectively

  • Shopping malls experiencing sudden surges in web traffic

  • Game developers experiencing sudden surges of connections at a specific time

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