Network and Infrastructure Solution Optimized for Cloud, CloudHub®

CloudHub enables unlimited expansion of clouds through the networks and infrastructures directly connected to major CSPs.
Combine and utilize key cloud services as well as infrastructures and networks through CloudHub.
One connection makes more connections possible.

CloudHub™ Configuration Diagram
· Cloud eXchange(CX) service : Provide services to build private networks with major CSPs with just a single line, ensuring high security and stable speed
· Connectivity service : Provide network service (dedicated line, cross-connect, and data center interconnection) and expand the interconnection range between physical resources and the cloud
· Colocation service : Provide services such as infrastructure (colocation/hosting service), protection against DDoS attacks, and security and configuration of an efficient hybrid cloud is available
CloudHub® CSP Lineup
The Right Choice for Greater Connections in the Cloud Era, CloudHub®

Using CloudHub, you can build and manage hybrid clouds for use of both physical resources and a cloud through a single connection
as well as multi-clouds created by connecting two or more public clouds.

CloudHub is different from the services of other companies that simply provide Cloud eXchange.
A solution based on which partnerships were formed with the global CSPs in Korea for the first time,
a solution that has led to partnerships with the largest number of CSPs in Korea,
a solution that guarantees interconnection over the shortest distance through the operation of CSP locations, it’s KINX’s CloudHub®.

Configuration Scenarios
1. Hybrid cloud: Connecting corporate IT resources with public cloud

You can connect your company’s IT resources such as servers to public clouds with a private network using Cloud eXchage provided by CloudHub. Data transmission and migration can be executed reliably, as latency and bandwidth are kept constant.

There is no need to own the physical router as CloudHub provides a virtual router called CloudHub Router and managed services to facilitate a BGP session

Hybrid cloud: Connecting corporate IT resources with public cloud
2. Multi-cloud: Integrated management of multiple public clouds

It is possible to connect to multiple clouds and to manage through the connectivity service and Cloud eXchange in case of setting up two or more public clouds for the purpose of disaster recovery(DR), etc.

Through CloudHub’s management console, you can check the information on the connected lines, switch usage and availability.

Multi-cloud: Integrated management of multiple public clouds
The First and Largest CSP Interconnections
As the first in Korea to start interconnecting with major CSPs, we are currently connected to the largest number of CSPs in Korea. CloudHub is the only solution that allows you to connect to more than seven CSPs via a single connection.
Shortest Distance Network
KINX IDC is an IDC selected by major CSPs such as AWS and MS Azure, and this ensures connection over the shortest distance.
All-In-One Support
We provide initial consulting, network configuration, and a dedicated line, based on technology that supports the network services of diverse CSPs.
Virtual Router & Integrated Management Console
BGP session is made possible through CloudHub Router, a virtual router managed by our engineer staff, and there is a management console available to check the status of interconnection with all the CSPs.
CloudHub® Router
Comparison of Physical Routers and CloudHub Router
Item General Routers CloudHub Router
Price Depends on the specification Cheaper than a physical router
Number of Ports Depends on the specification 2 ports provided (can add more ports)
Router Management Managed by the customer Managed by the engineer from KINX
Monitoring - Possible using CloudHub management console
Customer Support - Providing managed services

BGP session is necessary to connect CSP and the customer’s resources through CloudHub.
Although you can procure the router for BGP session yourself, we recommended that you use CloudHub Router, a virtual router that we provide at KINX.
CloudHub Router users are provided with managed services for the network, routing, BGP settings and other exacting network operations.

CloudHub® Router Managed Services
  • Network Design Support for CSP
    and On-Premise Resources

    - Interconnection-related IP design guide (IP address designation, subnet settings)
    - Guide on setting the network in cloud
    - Guide on setting routing table

  • BGP Configuration and Interconnection and
    On-Premise Network Interconnection Support

    - Configuration of BGP between the CSP and the router
    - Configuration of the network between the router and the interconnection system

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring
    All Year Round

    - Dedicated personnel for CloudHub
    - Real-time network inspections and troubleshooting

CloudHub® Management Console

CloudHub provides a management console for you to view and manage the services that you are using.
You can check the information on the interconnected lines, switch usage and availability and also set alarms to receive the information via e-mail or SMS.

Service Management Service Statistics Monitoring/Alarms
Service Management

You can check the information on the lines connected to AWS DX, Azure ER, IBM DL, Tencent DX, and NBP CC.

- Receive information on the contract period, bandwidth, rack information, lines, etc.
- Check the interface status in real time
- Request opening of new lines and add VLAN

Service Statistics

You can check the usage and availability of the lines that use the KINX switch.

- Look up the maximum, minimum and average values of BPS (In/Out) and total amount of data transmitted
- Look up the packet drop and total error status


You can set the alarm for the line you are using and receive the information via e-mail or SMS.

- Check the maximum, minimum and average values of BPS (In/Out) and the interface up/down status
- Receive alarms in real time via e-mail or SMS

You can achieve greater connections through CloudHub®.

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