The largest cloud connectivity platform in Korea - CloudHub®

CloudHub is a cloud-connecting platform that builds a hybrid multi-cloud model through a network directly linked with cloud services.
CloudHub can expand the infrastructure infinitely through connections with global clouds as well as domestic clouds.
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CloudHub Service Structure
Connected Cloud

CloudHub is the first one to start and is connected to most cloud service in Korea.
Connect directly to the cloud in domestic regions as well as overseas regions through CloudHub.

Service Features
9 interconnected cloud services Korea’s No. 1 cloud connectivity
platform with the most cloud
Many customers are
transferring data using hybrid
multi-clouds even at this time
Started for the first time
in Korea in 2016
Started first and equipped with
the most experience and
Leading connectivity
Configure domestic and overseas cloud resources with hybrid/multi-cloud models to suit the customer's environment and expand infrastructure by connecting data center resources and storage.
Shortest distance network
AWS and MS Azure regions are located at KINX data center, thus guarantees the shortest distance connection.
User portal and usage monitoring
Manage network connections and set core functions along with monitoring of service status and statistics.
All-In-One Support
Based on our experience and technology in supporting various cloud network configurations, KINX provides network management services from initial consulting to, network configuration, leased lines, and BGP interworking.
User portals

Users can directly configure and manage hybrid cloud and multi-cloud model.
With few clicks, users can create ports and connections, monitor connection status/statistics, and set alarms.

Port and connection creation Connection status monitoring Alarm management
Various Connection Scenarios

Based on abundant references, we provide the optimal connection method for the customer environment.
Meet various connection scenarios on CloudHub.

Connects corporate IT resources
and public clouds

Connects two or more public clouds

Connects domestic and global regions

You can make more connections with CloudHub®.

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