Check out the exclusive services offered via KINX network.

KINX, an Internet infrastructure service provider, enables all types of connections based on multiple IDCs located in Seoul National Capital Area,
global PoPs in Hong Kong and Japan, and a backbone network with a capacity of more than 1T.

Diverse Options for Improved Convenience
Based on the connections with 6 telecommuni- cations service providers in Korea, customers can freely choose an ISP based on their line operation policy, relationship with the telecommunications service providers, line rates, etc.
Reasonable Billing System
Fees are charged at a flat rate regardless of the access time, which means that you can cut costs if a certain amount of traffic is generated each month.
Reliable Internet Service
Direct connections among ISPs ensure optimized Internet routes and quality, through which more reliable services can be provided compared to non-connected ISPs.
Technical Support from Specialized Engineers
The IDC is staffed with engineers who perform server and network monitoring, in addition to actively dealing with various situations with their operating know-how.
Autonomous Interconnection Policy
Based on the backbone to the KINX IX center, you will be able to choose a telecommunications service provider based on the member’s line operation policy, line rates, etc.
Global Interconnection
Fast and reliable global Internet service is provided through submarine cables, and remote peering is made possible through the IDC used by business operators across the world.
This is KINX’s network connecting entities not only in Korea
but across the world.

Cross-Connect allowing connection to major ISPs and add-on service providers in Korea without any restrictions
Data Center Interconnection allowing connection to the best possible network through the shortest connection with KINX IDC
Global Interconnection with global PoPs via submarine cables for reliable quality at reasonable prices
China Direct Connect opening the fastest way to China via the enterprise-dedicated line, CN2

KINX’s network connecting entities not only in Korea but across the world
We will help you achieve a network connection
that is optimized for the business environment.
  • Connection to
    the nearest network

    Dedicated lines built between points
    to ensure network speed and reliability

  • All-in-One Services
    from A to Z

    - Early-stage consulting and dedicated line
    configuration support
    - Provision of all types of ports
    from 50M to 10G ports

  • The Best Alternative for Advancing
    into the Global Market

    - Business expansion through the dedicated
    international line
    - Customer churn prevention through improved
    service quality

You can achieve network interconnection
based on enhanced connectivity.

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