Real-time protection from various cyberattacks

Virus Vaccine

Virus vaccine must be used to prepare for cyberattacks and malware threats through malware emerging countless times every day. IXcloud’s virus vaccine provides various security functions at once including anti-virus, firewall, intrusion safeguard that can prepare for various threats. Functions necessary for certain threat automatically operates for real-time resource protection.

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Category Monthly Rate (VAT not included)
Virus Vaccine (GravityZone Business Security) For Windows KRW 15,000
For Linux KRW 15,000

How to Use

1. Apply for a virus vaccine service.
2. You can register the Bitdefender license received from the KINX manager to the security solution management page.
3. Install the virus vaccine agent to the VM and proceed with the security setting in detail. (*Full scan recommended after the first installation)
4. Normal virus vaccine service is available after completing the security setting.

Detailed Features

  • Resource protection from various potential cyberattacks

    - Protect from threats including virus, spyware, worms, Trojan horses, etc.
    - Extract malware patterns by executing queries for more than 7 billion times a day

  • Real-time protection guaranteed through our own technology

    Real-time protection with our own technology that extracts malware patterns by intelligent algorithms.

  • Vaccine optimization test

    Only minimal resource necessary for the security as it skips the file that was tested before with Bitdefender’s unique smart scanning technology

  • Possible to manage by level from one integrated console

    - Several users are registered to the Bitdefender console by the security manager to manage the security systematically through the designation of individual authority.
    - Tracking possible when necessary by recording all functions as a log from the management console.

Recommended to

  • Enterprises with a desire to respond to the virus threats emerging countlessly.

  • Enterprises with a desire to respond to various cyberattacks with only one security solution.

  • Enterprises in need of efficient management by real-time protection that detects malware and heals automatically.

  • Enterprises in need of setting access authority and policy for each security manager.

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