IX in the World

An Internet eXchange (IX) refers to an exchange of traffic among IX members.
In Europe, there are more than 70 IX, most of whom are non-profit organizations. Notable ones are DE-CIX based in Frankfurt, Germany,
AMS-IX in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and LINX in London, UK. On the other hand, IX in the U.S. are for-profit business model.
One of the most prominent IX operators is Equinix, which provides global services based on its big capacity network.

IX in the World
Based Name Establishment IX Members Homepage
Amsterdam, The Netherlands AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) 1997 818 https://www.ams-ix.net/ams
Frankfurt, Germany DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) 1995 870 https://www.de-cix.net/
London, United Kingdom LINX (London Internet Exchange) 1994 825 https://www.linx.net/
Moscow, Russia MSK-IX (Moscow Internet Exchange) 1995 504 https://www.msk-ix.ru/en/
USA Equinix 1998 768 https://ix.equinix.com
USA Any2 2005 332 https://www.coresite.com
Seoul, South Korea KINX (Korea Internet Neutral Exchange) 2000 64 https://www.kinx.net/
Hong kong HKIX (Hong Kong Internet eXchange) 1995 298 https://www.hkix.net/
Tokyo, Japan JPNAP (Japan Network Access Point) 2001 135 https://www.jpnap.net/en/
* As of August 2019
IX in Asia and KINX

The IX in Asia generally follows the European model, but there is also commercial IX.
Despite lagging behind Europe and the United States in terms of introduction, Hong Kong’s HKIX, Korea’s KINX and Japan’s JPNAP are
actively exchanging Internet traffic. In addition, more IX interconnections are expected with the entry of global NSPs into the Asian market.

KINX is gaining IX members across Asia in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and others.
Around 1.7TB of traffic flows via KINX, which is why it is arguably the No. 1 network hub in Asia, in terms of size.

IX in Asia and KINX
Based Name Establishment IX Members Homepage
South Korea KINX (Korea Internet Neutral Exchange) 2000 64 https://www.kinx.net/?lang=en
Hong kong HKIX (Hong Kong Internet eXchange) 1995 298 http://www.hkix.net
Japan JPIX (Japan Internet Exchange) 1997 195 https://www.jpix.ad.jp
Japan JPNAP (Japan Network Access Point) 2001 135 https://www.jpnap.net
China CHN-IX(China Internet Exchange) 2016 10 http://www.chn-ix.net
India Mumbai-IX (Mumbai Internet Exchange) 2014 145 https://www.mumbai-ix.net/en/
India NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) 2003 42 http://www.nixi.in
Singapore SOX (Singapore Open Exchange) 2001 29 https://www.sox.net.sg
Singapore SGIX (Singapore Internet Exchange) 2009 120 https://www.sgix.sg
Malaysia MyIX (Malaysia Internet Exchange) 2006 120 https://myix.my
Taiwan TPIX (Taipei Internet Exchange) 2002 42 https://www.tpix.net.tw
Vietnam VNIX (Vietnam National Internet eXchange) 2000 18 https://www.vnnic.vn/vnix/
Thailand BKNIX (Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange) 2014 27 https://bknix.co.th/en/
Philippines PHOpenIX (Philippine Open Internet Exchange) 2006 60 http://www.phopenix.net
Indonesia IIX-ID (Indonesia Internet Exchange) 1997 52 https://www.iix.net.id
Bangladesh BDIX (Bangladesh Internet Exchange) 2014 110 http://www.bdix.net
Cambodia CNX (Cambodia Network Exchange) 2008 35 http://cnx.net.kh
Nepal NPIX (Nepal Internet Exchange) 2002 28 http://www.npix.net.np
Australia NSW-IX (IX AUSTRALIA) 1997 174 https://www.ix.asn.au
Australia WAIX (Western Australian Internet Exchange) 1997 61 http://www.waia.asn.au
Australia Pipe IX (PIPE Networks) 2002 60 http://www.pipenetworks.com
* As of August 2019
KINX IX Members

KINX is interconnecting domestic and global ISPs, CPs and enterprises among others through its IX. The company who is interconnected via IX is called IX member.ies that are interconnected via the IX are called IX members. When you connect with KINX, you will be able to connect with KINX’s IX members. So discover new business opportunities through KINX’s network.

KINX IX Members