Connecting to Global PoPs via Submarine Cables

Global Interconnection (Hong Kong and Japan)

KINX ensure fast and reliable global Internet service through connection with the global PoPs in Hong Kong and Japan via submarine cables. Network connection is also possible through the IDC used by major operators around the world.

Global Interconnection (Hong Kong and Japan)
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Stable Network Quality

With the use of fixed lines, it is more stable and reliable than public international lines that are used by multiple companies, which result in packet loss.

Infrastructural Competitiveness

KINX, a specialized network service provider, helps improve the network performance, through which more reliable services can be provided.

24/7 Technical Support

KINX provides integrated management service through the monitoring activities of network engineers, in addition to a response system that has been established to quickly respond to various incidents, accidents or system malfunctions.

Reasonable Billing System

KINX offers bandwidths of stable quality at a reasonable price so that you can enjoy savings when a certain amount of traffic is generated each month.


Global Interconnection References

* Connection from the client company’s resources (IDC or computer room) to the relay server of KINX IDC
* Direct connection between the relay server and the global PoP ISP backbone

Global Interconnection References

* Connection through VPN Aggregation Equipment if connection between the HQ in Korea and the branch office in Japan is necessary


Category Description
Speed 10Mbps / 50Mbps / 100Mbps
(Add in increments of 1Mbps)
Billing Method Flat rate + volume based
(sum of the base charges agreed upon and the charges for additional traffic)
Contract Period A minimum of 1 year and up to 3 years
Add-on Services Proxy Server, Cross-Connect, Data Center Interconnection
* Inquire about the rate separately
* Changes may be made according to the contract conditions, and the details are subject to negotiation.

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