Business Infrastructure
in the Cloud Era

The wave of digital transformation occurring amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution is rapidly changing the landscape of global industries. Playing a central role in this trend is indisputably cloud computing. Cloud doesn't just mean the conversion of a physical server into a virtual environment. It refers to the innovation of the IT environment in which all the infrastructural components are connected in a virtualized environment for interactions between users and service providers.

The rate at which changes have been and will be brought forth by cloud is actually much faster than how it feels. These changes are not just confined to the IT industry. As the amount of data used worldwide for video streaming, social media, AI, big data and IoT increases exponentially, companies are analyzing user patterns and life cycles in order to provide appropriate services accordingly.

The key factors of a business infrastructure demanded by enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses leading the market include borderless expansion through network interconnection and real-time connection without latency.

Infinite Expansion of Connections
and Networks

In the past, a network mainly consisted of remote and point-to-point connections, but today's networks must enable connection from anywhere, by anyone and to anything, based on virtualization technology. This limitless connection is an innovation that will open up a new world and a new endeavor for businesses.

In order to enable such boundless connections, network competitiveness is key. Network competitiveness is created by cost reduction through optimization of the connection paths, low latency, seamless service, connection of various infrastructure equipment and applications, excellent security, excellent governance and compliance. Only the companies with such capabilities can connect, expand, and advance into the innovation stage.

KINX is a network specialist that are working together with companies that want to innovate by boosting their network competitiveness. As an IX provider that was first in Korea to launch a neutral Internet interconnection service, we have been accumulating network technology and operating experience for many years. Based on this, we propose the best network solutions that can meet the exacting requirements of companies at home and abroad.

New Type of Connectivity

A network serves to facilitate faster service expansion and connection to more places, and creating seamless and endless connections is the key role of networks today. KINX’s network provides predictable and consistent services for an optimal architecture that ensures reliable connections and continuous expansion. In addition, CloudHub enables creation of multi- and hybrid clouds for maximized scalability.

KINX is opening up new horizons for a new type of connectivity that will allow you to experience a connected world through an unprecedented network. So respond to the new network environment and complete your innovations together with KINX. It is time for you to realize the infinite power and possibilities of connectivity.