Backup solution for easy storage and restoration of data


This is a backup service that can be used in any infrastructural environment for backing up the latest version of the server OS and even database that are difficult to restore. With IXcloud, you can easily store and restore data in a cloud environment and a local domain using the internationally recognized Acronis cloud backup solution.

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Category Monthly Rate (VAT not included)
1 VM agent KRW 5,000
Storage size: 50GB KRW 15,000
* You will be billed based on the number of backup agents installed on the instance and the amount of storage used (in increments of 50GB).
   - Agent: Daily rate applied for less than 15 days of use and monthly rate applied for 15 days of use or longer
   - Storage: Charges applied based on the peak usage in the month
   Example) If you have installed an agent on one VM (and used it for 15 days or longer) and used 250GB of storage, your bill for the month will come out to be KRW 80,000 (5,000 + 15,000 x 5).

How to Use

How to Use Backup Service

1. Log into the IXcloud dashboard and sign up for the backup service.
2. When you sign up for the server, an account activation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you have entered. Follow the instructions to proceed with the account activation.
3. Once your account is activated successfully, you can log into the backup service.
4. Log into the backup service to install the agent or configure the settings.


  • Powerful Backup Function
강력한 백업 기능

· Providing a hybrid backup function that allows you to store and restore data in a cloud environment and a local domain
· Supporting backup and recovery in various environments (Windows Server 2003~2016, Linux, etc.)
· AES-256 encryption and SSL-exclusive security channel

  • Convenient Use
간편한 사용 방법

· A convenient web console designed for user convenience
· BareMetal backup (recovery without an OS)
· Various types of heterogeneous restoration

Detailed Features and Supported OS

· Detailed Features

Features Description

1. Uninterrupted installation

Software installation and immediate backup without needing to reboot

2. Live backup

Can perform other operations during backup without having to shut down the system

3. Integrated management

Centralized management of up to 1,000 clients

4. UEFI booting support

Improved performance through various interfaces compared to BIOS method

5. Automated scheduling

Providing scheduling templates such as Hanoi Tower, GFS, and Custom

6. Support various OS version

Supporting Windows Server 2003~2016, Linux, etc.

7. Diverse backup modes

Full, incremental or differential backup in units of partition, file, or folder

8. Heterogeneous environment restoration

System and data transfers to other types of servers/PCs

9. Virtualization migration and backup/recovery

Migration of VMware, Microsoft, Linux, Citrix, Redhat, Oracle and Parallels-based virtualized environment

10. Simultaneous backup of virtual machines

Simultaneous backup of up to 10 VMs registered on the host

11. Automatic replication of backups

Automatically replicate backed up archives to up to 5 different types of storage media (SAN, NAS, Tape, FTP, etc.)

12. Removal of duplicate data

Removal of duplicate data to additionally utilize up to 80% of the disk capacity

13.MBR (booting domain) restoration

Can restore just the MBR

14. LAN-free backup

Direct access to storage segments directly connected to SAN

15.Encryption support

Backup images Password setting and AES 256Bit encryption

· Supported OS

Supported OS Supported (O/X)


Windows Server 2003~2008

Windows Server 2012/2012 R2

Windows Server 2016 (Excl. Nano Server)



Ubuntu 9.10~16.04

CentOS 5.x~7.3


* Every type of OS is available on IXCloud. For more information, please refer to the User Guide.

Recommended to

  • Companies that want to manage the backups of all the VMs in operation at the same time

  • Companies that want to freely designate backup options and scheduling

  • Companies that want to effectively prepare against damage caused by ransomware, viruses, etc.

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