Networking Optimized for Clouds

Network in Cloud Environment

After creating a virtual server, a network and a public IP address are needed to connect with cloud resources and external entities.
You can easily create and manage a virtual network environment by creating network components such as public IP addresses, a range of private IP addresses, subnets, gateways, and routers all at once.

Easy Network Creation

An automatic network creation feature is provided for beginners.
A network and router can be created and connected automatically to facilitate use.

Cross-Zone Network

As a network for data transfers among multiple zones, the cross-zone network can be created by connecting the network of each zone on a one-on-one basis. By transmitting data via a dedicated line, it ensures high transmission quality and reliable data communication. You can create a cross-zone network free of charge, and the network traffic charges will be applied as the charges for the network traffic between KINX services.


* Cost of Creating Networks: You can create one network per account, free of charge, but a monthly fee of KRW 30,000 will be charged for each additional network.

· Network Traffic Cost
Category Charging Brackets (Monthly) Unit Cost
(KRW/GB, VAT not included)
In-Bound   Free Charges are applied based on monthly usage (rounded up to the nearest integer).
Out-Bound Less than 1TB Free
1TB ~ 40TB 80
40TB ~ 100TB 70
More than 100TB 60
* Usage may be restricted if more than 3% of traffic or data transfers of more than 20 Mbps are international traffic.
* Please contact a sales representative for information on international traffic.
* No charges will apply for network traffic of up to 1TB (sum of the outbound traffic of all the VMs created in the project).
· Cost of Network Traffic Between KINX Services
Category Price
(KRW/GB, VAT not included)

· Inbound traffic
· Traffic via private IP addresses
· Outbound traffic to an object storage through a public IP address

Free 1 free

· Outbound traffic to KINX cloud, colocation, server hosting, or CDN service of the same customer (account) through a public IP address

25 Free for up to 1TB
(However, charges will apply, irrespective of the 1TB of outbound traffic that is free of charge)
* In order to be eligible for the internal traffic charging standards, you must apply in advance through a sales representative.

Tasks That Can Be Performed in Network Management

· Create/connect routers, subnets, gateways and IP addresses
· Perform management based on a network configuration diagram
· Control network access
· Designate multiple internal private IP addresses without additional equipment
· Create VPN connections
· Configure the security and port settings

Network Components

Network Components of IXcloud

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