A cloud-based infrastructure dedicated to blockchain.

KINX Blockchain Service

This is an infrastructure dedicated to blockchain built based on the cloud. The infrastructure can be expanded quickly and flexibly through hybrid and multi-cloud to suit the characteristics of the blockchain that distributes and stores data. It supports the design of optimized infrastructure for the blockchain and also consulting for information protection certification (ISMS-P, ISO27001, etc.) with professional consultants.

A public security zone that integrates firewall, web firewall, IDS/IPS, and 24-hour control service is also provided. You can use a strong security system without your own equipment through the common security zone and respond quickly and proactively to various security problems.

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Blockchain Construction

KINX's blockchain service is performed sequentially - from the development and verification process to the launch of the mainnet and service operation after the initial establishment of a testnet. KINX supports everything from architect design required at each stage to infrastructure support and service expansion.

· Testnet

A testnet is a preliminary form created to build a mainnet blockchain independent of any existing platforms. It could be described as a type of beta service carried out to verify the stability of the blockchain, after which the mainnet, which is the independent blockchain, can be released.

· Mainnet

The mainnet is an independent platform that comprises a new ecosystem and creates its own coins, without being dependent on any existing platforms. The mainnet is built through the process of ICO competition and initial development (token) and completion of the transaction and ecosystem configuration for conversion into coins, and to establish it as a stabilized system requires advanced skills and technology.


· Joint Security Zone
We are the first in Korea operate a joint security zone.

- Providing firewalls, IPS / IDS, WAF + monitoring service
- Defense against DDoS through Cloudfare (* Optional)
- Powerful security system in line with the latest security technologies and trends
- Proactive and real-time response based on around-the-clock monitoring

Product Composition
Standard (Shared Type) Premium (Standalone Type) Enterprise (Standalone Type)
Basic Features Firewall / Web firewall / Intrusion detection (IPS/IDS)
Redundancy and around-the-clock monitoring service
Bandwidth ~50M 50M ~ 500M More than 1G
Fee KRW 500,000 To be negotiated separately
Add-On Service Defense against DDoS (Cloudfare)
· Information Protection Consulting
We have professional consultants for consultation on information security certifications.

- Consulting on ISMS-P (Internet Promotion Agency Certification), ISO27001 (International Standard on Information Security Management)
- Current status analysis and technical vulnerability analysis by a professional consultant
- Mitigation of manpower shortages and absence of technical resources

· Managed Services
The managed service is the service recording the highest satisfaction among KINX’s customers.

- Managed service provided by a dedicated cloud engineer
- Hybrid infrastructure design support through pre-consulting
- Cloud and IDC infrastructure setting and testing support
- Establishment of policies regarding resource allocation, distribution and utilization
- Proactive and real-time response based on around-the-clock monitoring

Configuration Diagram

The blockchains built by KINX can be flexibly scaled through hybrid/multi-cloud.
KINX’s cloud exchange service, the first of its kind in Korea, is interconnected with major cloud service providers such as AWS, MS, IBM, and NBP. We provide network environments and services optimized for blockchain node expansion and operation through the interconnection with legacy resources and IXcloud via KDX.

Reasons for Choosing KINX’s Blockchain Service

  • Blockchain node setup based on low initial cost and efficient resource operation based on cloud
  • Global CSP and multi-cloud expansion through CloudHub interconnection
  • Secure data transmission by applying an integrated security system through the configuration of a joint security zone
  • Consulting on information security certifications provided by a professional consultant
  • Managed service provided by a specialized engineer for reliable service operation

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