DB Security and Access Control

DB Security

Confidential information stored on cloud such as personal information must be kept safe in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. By using the database security service of KINX, it’s possible to protect confidential information based on the database access control and encryption solution. The database access control solution monitors all users accessing the database in question and all access routes used in order to grant only normal access. The database encryption solution, on the other hand, encrypts and decrypts special data such as personal information in the unit of columns for information security.

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Solution Monthly Rate (VAT not included)
4vCore 8vCore 12vCore 16vCore 24vCore
DB Access Control + DB Encryption KRW 150,000 KRW 250,000 KRW 300,000 KRW 350,000 KRW 420,000
DB Access Control KRW 100,000 KRW 150,000 KRW 180,000 KRW 210,000 KRW 250,000
DB Encryption KRW 80,000 KRW 130,000 KRW 160,000 KRW 180,000 KRW 220,000
Maintenance Monthly Rate (VAT not included)
1-4 server(s) 5 servers or more
Either DB access control or DB encryption KRW 100,000 (integrated) KRW 30,000 per server
Both DB access control and DB encryption KRW 150,000 (integrated) KRW 50,000 per server
* Initial installation is free. However, reinstallation will be charged.
* Separate negotiation is needed for replication.
* DB security services are provided by our partner ‘SINSIWAY’.

How to Use

KINX IXcloud 클라우드의 스냅샷 활용

1. Sign up for the database security service.
2. Once the VM is created after consulting with the operating personnel of KINX, Sinsiway will install the database security solution to the VM.
3. Configure the detailed security settings with the operating personnel of KINX and Sinsiway.
4. Once the setup is compete, the database will be kept safe and secure.

Detailed Features

  • DB Access Control

    - Gateway
    - Super-fast rule processing with the DBMS developed by KINX
    - Illegal database use through SQL masking is not possible
    - User ID, IP, OS, etc. settings and access control

  • DB Encryption

    - Plugin or API configuration (* Hybrid configuration combining plugins and API is supported)
    - Improved processing speed based on high-performance encryption and decryption based on the programming language, C
    - Encryption in the unit of columns
    - Safe management of data encryption key

Scope of Support

DB Access Control
- Oracle : 8.x and higher
- Tibero : 4.x and higher
- Sybase : 12.5 and higher
- SQL Server : 2000 and higher
- MySQL : 5.x and higher
- Informix : 9.x and higher
- PostgreSQL : 7.4 and higher
- IBM DB2 : 9.1 and higher
- Altibase : 4.3 and higher
- Cubrid : 2008 R 4.0 and higher
- Teradata : 12.0 and higher
DB Encryption Plugin method - Oracle : 8.1.7 and higher
- Tibero : 4 and higher
- MS SQL : 2000/2005 and higher
Plugin + SQL API method - Sybase : IQ, ASE 12.5 and higher
- Cubrid : 8.4 ~ 9.1
- MySQL / Altibase / DB2
API method - All DBMS possible

Recommended to

  • Enterprises managing special types of information such as personal information

  • Enterprises where there have been attempts to leak data or where there are such concerns

  • Enterprises that want to control access to internal data and manage them safely

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