Expand to multi/hybrid cloud through the dedicated line


KDX is a service for connecting the customer’s resources (IDC, physical server, etc.) and private networks to IXcloud. Because a dedicated line is used, it is more secure than using the Internet and ensure stable speed and transmission quality. By connecting to KDX and CX, you can build multi-cloud and use the services of global CSPs (AWS, MS Azure, etc.) at the same time.

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Category Accessing the Cloud via the Internet Accessing the Cloud via IXcloud KDX
Sign-Up Procedure Internet directly configured by the customer Integrated support provided by KINX
Costs Internet costs + General network costs IXcloud KDX costs + Dedicated network costs
Line Management Need to be managed by the customer Integrated management by KINX
Transmission Quality Variable according to the Internet environment High quality and reliability
Security Not secure due to the use of the Internet Secure thanks to the use of a dedicated line


  • 1. To create a multi-cloud environment using the services of global CSPs
    KDX and CX can be used in combination to use global cloud services such as AWS and MS Azure.

  • 2. To enable fast data transmission
    Through KDX combined with a dedicated circuit, it is possible to speed up data transfers occurring due to different development, testing, and operating environments.

  • 3. To ensure reliable data transmission without any losses of data
    Using KDX, which is resilient against external influences, you can perform big data processing, which involves creating and using large data files, data migration, etc. without losing data.

  • 4. To lower the network costs incurred by large amounts of data transfers
    Even if there is a large amount of data transferred via IXcloud, the network costs can be reduced based on the exclusive rates offered to KDX users.

Network Components

IXcloud® KDX + Colocation(KINX IDC)
IXcloud® KDX + External dedicated line (on-premise, other IDCs)
IXcloud® KDX + Cloud eXchange (Connections to global CSPs)

Sign-Up Procedure

  • 1. Sign up for IXcloud® KDX

    ㆍSign up for the service on IXcloud dashboard

  • 2. Determine the method of use

    ㆍContact sales manager for any support.
    ㆍChoose the bandwidth (50M, 100M, 500M, etc.)
    ㆍConfirm whether to use colocation, a dedicated line, DCI, etc.

  • 3. Provide information for interconnection

    ㆍProvide information for interconnection after confirming the method of use
    ㆍProvide the necessary information such as the VLAN ID, IP address, etc. to KINX
    ㆍShare required information on the routing configuration

  • 4. IXcloud® KDX service is up and ready to run in a production environment.

    ㆍConnect the physical resources to IXcloud using the dedicated network
    ㆍThe work will be completed within 72 hours (based on business days) after receiving the necessary information
    ㆍForm public peering connections using a public IP address


Category Fee Note
KDX Fee KRW 200,000/month Incl. the cross-connect costs
KDX Port Fee no more than 1G KRW 25,000/50Mbps 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 500Mbps
1G/10G To be negotiated separately
Data Transmission Fee KRW 25/GB Outbound traffic fee
Colocation Contact our sales representative for more details
(Charged when the service is used)
Dedicated line Based on bandwidth, region and distance
DCI (dedicated connection between KINX IDCs) Based on bandwidth
* Changes may be made according to the contract conditions, and the details are subject to negotiation.

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