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China Direct Connect

Are you dissatisfied with the slow Internet speed and unstable connection in China, but do you feel like there is no other alternative? China Direct Connect can help you quickly reach major cities in China through an enterprise-dedicated line called CN2. You can operate your service in Korea in convenience, without the need to physically enter the local market, thereby reducing the related financial burden.

Check out CDC, the only way to use China Telecom’s high-quality Internet line from Korea.

China Direct Connect

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Comparison of Services

Category General Access to China China Direct Connect(CDC) Expensive Dedicated lines
Lines Used General lines CN2, Enterprise-dedicated line IPLC, IEPL, MPLS
(based on 10Mpbs)
Approx. KRW 200,000
Additional costs:
① Local IDC costs
② Cost of dispatching manpower
Approx. KRW 1.5 million
Incl. 24/7 technical support
Approx. KRW 15 million or more
Additional costs:
① Domestic IDC costs
② Recruitment of professional manpower
Speed Slow Fast Fast
Stability Low (frequent disconnections) High Very high
Server Location China(local IDC) Korea(KINX IDC) Korea
Administrative Personnel Remote support or dispatched Specialized administrative personnel of KINX IDC Company’s own personnel
Segments with Guaranteed Quality Unclear middle mile end to end
Security Poor Average
(may be improved by using VPN)


  • CN2, Enterprise-dedicated line

    There are only three IXs in China, which are situated in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Because Internet traffic across the vast territory of China is handled only at these three places, traffic bottlenecks are severe. Compared to Korea’s Internet speed of 22Mbps, the speed of Chin@Net used by 420 million Chinese is a mere 2Mbps. As a result, China Telecom, the largest telecommunications service provider in the country, has established the next-generation Internet network and enterprise-dedicated line called CN2. CN2 enables fast and reliable transmission of Internet traffic to major regions in China.

  • Advance into China Together with CDC

    CDC is recommended to companies that wish to enter the Chinese market or secure a larger loyal customer base in China. This is because the use of CN2, a business-dedicated line, can prevent customer churn caused by poor Internet access and even help lead to more business opportunities. CDC is the fastest way to reach 950 million people in China.


(Based on a 1-year contract, unit: KRW)

Agreed Traffic 10Mbps 30Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
Service Charges (Monthly) 1,500,000 3,600,000 5,000,000
Converted Cost(per 1Mbps) 150,000 120,000 100,000 Negotiated
Additional Traffic(per 1Mbps) 180,000 150,000 120,000


“I was having a blast playing the game, but then, all of a sudden, I lost due to lag.
Why is it so hard leveling up my character? I’ve had it with this game.”

No matter how engaging and high quality a game is, there won’t be any fun in it for the players if they keep getting disconnected or experience slow Internet speed. Provide your users with a fast and stable network services through CDC and you will be able to boost satisfaction among Chinese gamers accessing your game.

“Whenever I go on an online shopping site in Korea, it takes forever to load the images.
It’s frustrating to wait so long to take a look at just one product.
I’m just going to buy it from another site.”

It is quite inconvenient for people in China to shop on Korean websites. This is because the vast majority of online shopping malls based in Korea have tons of images, flash files and videos, which take a long time to load for those with slow Internet speed. If you’ve created a website in Chinese, then sign up for CDC so that your customers in China can enjoy shopping on your site with convenience. Fast loading time without any interruptions is sure to boost your sales.

“The ERP at the headquarters in Korea is way too slow during the monthly settlement time.”
“The sales information of the Chinese stores does not get updated in real time.”
“I have to go on a business trip every time we have to send drawings and specifications to
our office in China.”

With Korean companies advancing into China in a wide range of different forms, internal communication is occurring between Korea and China in diverse ways. Using a public network makes it difficult to carry out the business operations smoothly due to reduced speed and reliability. Opt for CDC if you wish to improve the speed and accuracy of your company’s internal communication. It will greatly improve work efficiency by resolving the communication problems and challenges faced by your staff.

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