Economic and efficient KINX local peering

Local Peering

KINX Network Service Local Peering. Local Peering is equipped with 895G backbone network consisted of major ISPs, SOs, CPs in Korea.

KINX’s local peering is equipped with UP to 1T backbone network consisted of Global companies and major ISPs, SOs, CPs in Korea.

  • Settlement free peering with our 45 peering members listed above will significantly reduce on-going transit costs via our local peering.
  • We serve 17% of the Korean eyeballs (around 3 million) who can be your future customers.


Strengths of
KINX’s Local Peering

Internet Services Quality Improvement

The direct interworking among ISPs via local peering minimizes latency, providing with customers optimized paths and high service quality.

Transit Cost Reduction

The establishment of a single circuit allows traffic connection with the company being linked to the KINX IX center, saving circuit cost.

Efficient Interconnection with IX members

IX is an easy way to interconnect with existing peering members due to flexible and neutral IX policies with KINX.

Stability of Local Peering

KINX’s local peering allows latency and congestion managed locally, meaning that the connection via peering is more manageable and stable for peering members.

Local Peering Structure

KINX Local Peering Structure

Local Peering Product

Service Information
(L2 IX)
Lease on Switch Ports for KINX customers
100Mbps / 1Gbps / 10Gbps

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* Information above can be changed depending on business circumstances.

Cases of Local Peering

“ D’Live has been enjoying KINX IX (peering)with a single circuit allowing
cost-efficient, fast and reliable connectivity to all peering members ”

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