SSL VPN Allowing Secure Access from the Outside


SSL VPN is an SSL-based virtual private network where the information communicated between the web browser and server is encrypted. An encrypted tunnel is created on the Internet network to use the internal system resources from the outside in a safe and secure way. Because the information is encrypted, it will not be leaked externally even if hacking occurs during communication.

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Solution Bandwidth Monthly Rate (VAT not included) Note
SSL VPN account Per 5Mbps KRW 10,000 5Mbps minimum
/ 50Mbps maximum
* The main uses of SSL VPN are remote server access (SSH, RDP) and file transmission (FTP).
* A bandwidth of 5 to 10Mbps and at least 20Mbps is recommended for remote server access and file transmission, respectively.

How to use

1. Log in on the IXcloud console and select the project before signing up for the SSL VPN service (create account, set password, select target network/bandwidth).
2. The operating team at KINX will check the information provided in the SSL VPN application form and compete the setup.
3. You can heck the account created on the SSL VPN list and download the client.
4. When you enter the account name and password after starting the client, the SSL VPN will be activated.


  • SSL VPN-Specific Equipment

    The SSL VPN service boasts excellent performance and stability thanks to the CC-certified equipment. As soon as you set up a VPN account, you will be able to enjoy high-quality communication that is highly secure.

  • Convenient Use and Affordable Price

    You can sign up for SSL VPN service on a web-based console and select a bandwidth that suits the scale of your service. Enjoy high-quality VPN service for jut KRW 10,000 a month (per 5Mbps).

  • Access via Dedicated Agent

    A dedicated agent is provided to enable access to the in-house network anywhere, anytime. Those accessing from the outside can use the virtual tunnel encrypted with SSL.

  • Tunneling-Based Network Splitting

    Split tunneling is supported by SSL VPN. VPN tunneling occurs only for access to the internal private network, while the routing of the user PC is adhered to for other types of access that are not directed toward the internal private network (such as Internet access, accessing another network, etc.).

Recommended to

  • Enterprises where remote server access (SSH, RDP) or file transmission (FTP) is frequent

  • Enterprises desiring safe and secure communication based on an encryption tunnel formed between the client and server

  • Enterprises that need secure access via a private network anytime, anywhere

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