Customized Cloud Service from Construction to Operation

Private Cloud Built with OpenStack

A private cloud built with OpenStack has an independent cloud environment and presents the advantage of granting the right of control over the cloud infrastructure, which is one of the biggest concerns that many companies and public agencies have about using cloud.

Also, OpenStack provides different optionswhen building a private cloud, thereby greatly improving the reliability of the database as well as other services such as the controller nodes and RabbitMQ.

KINX’s staff with years of experience in operating clouds using OpenStack provide the necessary technology, infrastructure, and know-how to set up a private cloud. In addition, we share the resources of IXcloud and your private cloud to help you better respond to cloud bursting demands.

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KINX 클라우드 컨설팅의 프라이빗클라우드 기능 구성

Our private clouds consist of various versions of modules from OpenStack.
We can custom build a private cloud according to your needs and wants using OpenStack.


Small Cloud

· Configuration with integrated cloud system consisting of compute and volume nodes
· Suitable for small businesses, a single application or intranet operation

Basic Cloud

· A system created in consideration of cost efficiency while guaranteeing scalability
· A system in a reasonable size allowing system scalability that is suitable for enterprises or public agencies

High-Performance Cloud

· A highly scalable cloud system that is built with a focus on the IOPS processing power
· Suitable for companies that require a large-scale cloud systems and high IOPS performance such as online game service providers

Hybrid Cloud

· Suitable for those requiring a cloud environment (public, private) and a physical server environment according to the nature of their application or service

Private Cloud Construction Support

Private Cloud Construction Support

Private Cloud Operation Support

Private Cloud Operation Support
  • Construction
    - Provide OS and DB installation and configuration support
    - Provide training and manual for using the IXcloud service
    - Technical support for service scalability technology: Auto-scaling settings and system configuration and preparation of alternatives in preparation for a surge in concurrent connections
    - Provide security and application installation and setup support
  • Operation
    - Around-the-clock technical support all year round
    - Around-the-clock monitoring, failure/impairment detection and action: SMS notification and in-depth monitoring for each VM
    - Provide load balancing and CDN service support
    - Provide backup scheduling and verification services
  • Service Analysis
    - Analyze the private cloud traffic
    - Provide reports on the current status of cloud resources
  • Management Consulting
    - Review the appropriateness of the available VM resources and provide recommendations
    - Provide consulting on the optimized scale of resources for service operation
    - Provide consulting on the virtual private cloud (VPC) and private network design

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