HA solution, ensuring the high availability of the system

HA solution

HA solution detects failure in VM, storage, network and application program and ensures service continuity by providing AUTO FAILOVER.


Category Monthly Rate (KRW, VAT not included) Note
HA Solution KRW 350,000 2 servers, Active - Standby
* Initial installation and failure recovery services are provided by our partner ‘ESK SOLUTION’

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How to Use

클라우드 백업,클라우드 솔루션,백업,아크로닉스,백업 솔루션

1. Log in to the IXcloud dashboard and apply for HA Solution.
2. Once the application information is conformed, Active-Standby server registration begins.
3. HA Solution is being installed in the server, and data are being synchronized.
  * Service discontinuity may take place during solution installation and data synchronization.
4. If replication settings are completed after data synchronization, HA Solution will be available.


클라우드 백업,클라우드 솔루션,백업,아크로닉스,백업 솔루션
  • HA system configuration, response to HANG in advance

    We offer HA environments in which all services (e.g., VM, network, storage, etc.) are available 24 hours a day throughout the year regardless of a type of failure.

  • 24-hour services and integrated control

    We provide integrated monitoring on the HA system, enabling the management of distributed clusters through a single console. In addition, we are able to control cluster nodes in person through integrated monitoring control consoles.

  • Realtime data mirroring

    We check Active-Standby server data after initial data synchronization and synchronize modified data only. In addition, we support the automatic recovery of Active-Standby server data after FAILOVER.

Recommended to

  • Businesses aimed to manage VM, storage and network applications in an integrated fashion and build HA environments

  • Businesses seeking a way to minimize damages by shortening service recovery time through automation of failure responses

  • Businesses targeted to secure service stability by minimizing service-down time

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