Online video solution provided by a CDN company - midibus®

KINX is a professional CDN company that provides services worldwide.
We reliably stream and distribute videos worldwide with our own CDN farm and global CDN farm.
We own the technologies and resources for video streaming that are required to satisfy customers.

  • Infra

    High-performance infrastructures
    capable of handling large volumes
    of traffic

  • GPU Encoding

    GPU graphic cards that are specialized
    in processing videos and reduce
    encoding time

  • Reasonable Billing

    Encoding billing charge based on
    original files’ length, and storage billing charge based on compressed video

  • All in One

    The integrated solution
    that offers services for VOD
    and live streaming

KINX CDN to Deliver Web·Mobile Contents through the World

CDN(Content Delivery Network) is a technology that ensures serving contents to users with high availability and high performance
by resolving issues of transmission delays, impairments, etc. It is widely used by companies who are dealing with videos or images
such as online shopping malls, portals, and gaming companies. KINX offers reliable CDN service at a reasonable price
by connecting with global ISPs with high-speed lines and global CDN farms, and by operating our CDN farms.

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