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Teuniteuni is a company specializing in early childhood education. They chose midibus to produce their mobile education app and successfully launched the app, based on prompt technical support.

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Operator of Education Programs for Young Children Used by 300,000 People a Year

Teuniteuni is an educational service provider that offers education courses for infants and toddlers, based on the corporate philosophy of “Presenting Healthy Future to Children.” The company combines original stories with play-based learning materials that they have developed themselves and physical activities to present play-based sports programs such as Kids’ Champ, Teuni Home and Teuni Gym. It is one of the biggest early childhood education program providers in the country, with some 300,000 children and parents using their service each year. Teuniteuni’s content can be found at around 500 cultural centers and 1,500 daycare centers nationwide. The company launched the first-ever mobile app for a cultural center education program and expanded its services.

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Needing an Integrated Video Platform for Mobile App Launch

Armed with diverse video content arising from the development of offline education programs, Teuni wanted to create a mobile app for parents and children to experience their education programs on mobile platforms. In order to utilize their countless videos such as dance videos and animations that they had produced themselves, they need an integrated OVP solution. This was to encode the videos for seamless streaming on any device and to distribute them reliability (CDN), while managing the content directly. With the app release date fast approaching, it became necessary for the company to check whether active technical support would be provided by the CDN operator, in addition to the essential features.

What did KINX do?


Proposing midibus®, Integrated OVP Solution, and Prompt Technical Support

We proposed the integrated OVP solution, midibus, as it had all the features that would meet the needs of the company such as video upload, GPU encoding, distribution, security, statistics, among others. Another factor we noted was that since midibus uses KINX’s high-quality network directly interconnected with major ISPs around the world, seamless streaming without any interruptions would be possible. We then promised faster technical support than any other service providers to ensure that their mobile app would be launched on schedule. This was possible because we have directly developed midibus based on our own CDN.

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Boosting Customer Satisfaction with the Successful Mobile App Launch

We quickly developed and provided the features necessary for Teuni such as API support and protocol addition, and as a result, the education content provider was able to successfully launch its mobile app in December 2018, as scheduled. In addition to the existing offline lessons, parents and their young children can now enjoy a variety of video content from Teuni through the mobile app, and their satisfaction was significantly boosted as a result of the mobile-based course management service.