Traffic Exchange by Network Interconnection
Network Environment
KINX, the one and only L2-base Internet eXchange (IX) operator in Korea, is directly interconnected with major ISPs in Korea and abroad via super-high-speed lines.
Cost Reduction
by Interconnection
Interconnecting to KINX IX will allow you to reduce traffic costs, as it enables traffic exchange with all the companies interconnected with KINX IX through a single connection.
Internet Services
Direct connections among ISPs ensure optimized Internet routes and quality, through which more reliable services can be provided compared to non-connected ISPs.
Technical Support
from Specialized Engineers
KINX IDC is staffed with engineers who perform server and network monitoring, in addition to actively dealing with various situations with their operating know-how.
Free Interconnection Policy
When you subscribe to the local peering service, you will become a peering member of KINX, which will automatically enable you to interconnect with various other peering members via the routing server operated by KINX.
Fast and reliable global Internet service is provided through submarine cables, and remote peering is made possible through the IDC used by business operators across the world.
Seamless Internet Circuit Supply and Cost Reduction

Without the IX service, an ISP would have to establish direct connection with another ISP.
This means that, in case of a traffic surge that requires an ISP to add more capacity, then that ISP will have to pay more for connections
and manage more physical lines. Whereas in IX, that ISP can peer and exchange traffic with multiple ISPs via single line.

Seamless Internet Circuit Supply and Cost Reduction
Major Network Interconnections

An IX is part of the topmost network in the hierarchical structure of the Internet that plays the role of exchanging Internet traffic.
Internet traffic is directly connected between ISPs, an ISP and a CP, or business operators with AS numbers for a seamless Internet line,
and it can also help cut the transit costs.

Major Network Interconnections
IX members
Global Akamai, Alibaba, Amazon, APPLE, Cloudflare, Google, Hurricane Electric, Limelight Networks, Microsoft, RETN, SoftLayer, Tencent, Twitch, Verizon
MSO LG Hellovision, D'live, T-Broad, Hyundai HCN
CP LG CNS, Naver, Samsung SDS, CDNetworks, kakao, Koscom, KISA, Hostway
ISP Dreamline
You can achieve
network interconnection through IX peering.

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