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Experience “better” Cloud

  • Reliability

    SLA 99.9% guaranteed
    Certificate from KASI and KISA

  • 1st OpenStack-based Cloud

    World-leading OpenStack-based cloud
    1st OpenStack-based cloud in Korea in 2012
    Unrivaled management experience and know-how

  • Convenience

    Select instance specifications and expand storage
    “One Click” for deployment
    Support Live Migration for booting volume

  • Customized Support

    1:1 professional consulting service
    No manual, No call center!
    Support from deployment to management

Case Study

“KIA Motion is a free video clip produced by KIA Motors. We wanted hybrid
cloud – the combination of cloud and colocation.”

IXcloud Consulting
Anytime, Every Service

Hybrid Cloud

  • Public Cloud

  • Private Cloud

  • Dedicated Servers

From security-oriented private cloud to hybrid cloud that allows you
to maximize the efficiency of public cloud and dedicated servers.
Meet IXcloud and its professional, customized consulting service.

IXcloud& OpenStack

KINX is the first Korean IaaS provider to use OpenStack, the leading cloud platform in the world, in 2012.

OpenStack is An open source platform developed by more than 30,000 engineers from more than 500 companies like AT&T, IBM, Google throughout the world.
It provides similar service environments as leading public cloud providers like AWS.

  • Compute
    Block Storage(Volume)
    Load balancer
  • Nova
  • EC2
    AWS Network
    Cloud Formation