Check out the powerful lineup offered by IXcloud™

· Volume

A storage with excellent reliability, scalability, and availability


Mass storage shared with multiple instances

· Snapshot

Snapshot backup for expansion and server backup

· Backup

The easiest way to backup clouds

· Network

Networking optimized for clouds

· Load balancer

Automatic distribution of traffic for network optimization


Fast and reliable content delivery guaranteed


Connection to resources and private networks

· Intro

Managed Services That Enhance the Value of Cloud

· Migration

For a successful cloud, try migration

· Monitoring

A monitoring tool is provided for all user instances

· Monthly Report

Optimization Guide for Cloud Resources

· HA Solution

HA solution, ensuring the high availability of the system

· Firewall

Powerful security system that blocks external access

· Web firewall

Inspection and defense in relation website vulnerabilities

· SSL certificate

Registration and integrated management of SSL certificates

· DB Security

DB security and access control

· Server

LAMP Stack, NginX, Tomcat, Node.js

· DB

MySQL, MariaDB, Redis

· Content management

Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!

· Development tools

Redmine, GitLab, Subversion

· Other

Zabbix Server, Elasticsearch, OMV

Experience the Superior IXcloud
  • Reliability Quality

    - Guaranteed service level of 99.99%
    - Certified by the Korea Association of Cloud Industry and
    the Korea Internet & Security Agency.

  • Korea’s First OpenStack Cloud

    - Adopted and implemented OpenStack cloud in 2012.
    - Unparalleled cloud operation experience and know-how.

  • Multi-Zone Cloud

    - Physically and geographically separated infrastructure.
    - High-availability environment with reliable data communication.

  • Customized Managed Services

    - Technical direct support from a dedicated engineer.
    - Support provided from service construction to operation.

We guarantee high satisfaction when it comes to our cloud quality.

SLA is a quantified measure of service availability and a standard to guarantee the service quality.
IXcloud provides a cloud service with guaranteed 99.95% availability.

Based on availability Compensation for Damages
Redundant Multi-Zone Non-Redundant Multi-Zone
99.9% ~ 99.95% 10% of the charges -
99.5% ~ 99.9% 20% of the charges 10% of the charges
99.0% ~ 99.5% 30% of the charges 20% of the charges
Less than 99.0% 30% of the charges
* For more details on SLA, see Chapter 7 Compensation for Damages in the Terms & Conditions of IXcloud service.
IXcloud Consulting: For Any Service, in Any Situation

You can use an efficient public cloud, a highly secure private cloud, and a physical server together at the same time.
Request consulting on the customized cloud services provided by IXcloud.

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