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MUSTIT is an e-commerce platform where more than 2.2 million products are being sold at any given time. They resolved their infrastructural issue arising from a surge in users through IXcloud migration and CDN.

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E-Commerce Business That Introduced Online Luxury Shopping

Founded in February 2011, MUSTIT operates an e-commerce platform, where more than 1,200 luxury brands and 4,600 luxury goods sellers are selling more than 2.2 million products. MUSTIT strove to differentiate itself as a vertical marketplace (selling products of a specific category) in the fashion luxury market, where they faced fierce competition with large open markets and department stores. Through this, MUSTIT not only established a channel for consumers to purchase luxury brand items in a relatively affordable and safer way and a platform providing sellers with a chance to generate profits but also helped bring the luxury shopping channel from offline to online.

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Increase in Users Necessitating Sophistication of Services

With thousands of sellers and millions of buyers using their service, MUSTIT need to provide more features than ever before. They considered upgrading their servers, but they knew that it would only be a temporary measure and result in low efficiency. They also deemed that physical servers would be inappropriate, as a sudden increase in users or application of new features would cause a heavy load on the servers and degrade stability. So they need a different alternative.

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Proposing Cloud for Prompt Infrastructural Expansion and CDN for Fast Image Loading

Based on their needs, we proposed IXcloud, which could be used to achieve prompt infrastructural expansion. But MUSTIT was hesitant to accept this proposal because migrating the existing operating services to a cloud environment came with risks. Accordingly, in order to address their concerns, we proposed various other measures to ensure stability in service operation. We offered to support MUSTIT in optimizing their infrastructure operation by providing them with consulting on various details from cloud to migration and efficient use and management of resources.

Also, considering that they had a large number of high-resolution images due to their nature as an e-commerce platform, we proposed the CDN web/image transfer service that would speed up the image loading process. This would allow the services to be provided in a reliable manner even if the number of sellers and consumers accessing the site suddenly skyrocketed. In addition to this, an image editing and transmission feature enabling resizing of images using only the URL was provided to increase work efficiency.

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Addressing Infrastructure-Related Concerns and Focusing on Service Improvement

When their infrastructure was initially set up using physical servers, MUSTIT had to constantly think about how to supplement and improve their servers. However, as soon as they switched to IXcloud, they were able to add new servers with just a few clicks on the dashboard, making infrastructure management much more convenient. They also gained the ability to adjust their resources according to the traffic situation for more efficient server operation.

The large number of image files in possession of MUSTIT were transferred to the CDN server to improve the page loading speed, and the image editing and transmission feature helped reduce the time it took for image editing and increased work efficiency. As such, MUSTIT was able to address their infrastructure concerns by using IXcloud and CDN from KINX and greatly boost customer satisfaction by concentrating on how to improve their services.