Installation of Diverse Applications with a Single Click

LAMP Stack by Bitnami

Bitnami LAMP Stack provides a full bundle of PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc. required for web development, making it easy to set up a development environment.

LAMPStack 5.6.30-1 / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / Apache 2.4.25 / MySQL 5.6.35 / PHP 5.6.30

NginX by Bitnami

Bitnami NginX provides a fully integrated PHP, MySQL and NginX development environment. It is widely used as a web server and supports various protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.

NginX 1.10.3 / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / MySQL 5.6.35 / PHP 5.6.30

Tomcat by Bitnami

Bitnami Tomcat is currently the most commonly used HTTP web server in the world. Due to its advantages of being lightweight, fast and easy to use, it has been recording a high market share. It supports BSD, Linux, Unix, etc.

Tomcat 8.0.42 / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / Apache 2.4.25 / MySQL 5.6.35 / Apache Ant 1.8.1 / PHP 5.6.30

Node.js by Bitnami

Bitnami Node.js is server-side JavaScript-based platform developed based on Google’s V8 engine. It supports lightweight and efficient asynchronous I/O that operates based on a single thread and includes Apache, Python, Redis, etc.

Node.js 7.10.0 / Debian 8 / Apache 2.4.25 / Python 2.7.13 / Redis 3.2.8