Cloud service directly connected to CloudHub

Connect to IXcloud KDX through CloudHub

CloudHub provides a secure and fast way to connect directly to IXcloud Direct Connect (IXcloud KDX). It connects IXcloud service and customer resources through a dedicated network to improves transmission quality, speed, security and reliability.

Application for Sales/Technical Consultation

Features of ‘IXcloud KDX through CloudHub’

  • Select the desired IDC
    Selectable from Dogok, Gasan, Bundang, and Sangam IDCs, which are KINX IDCs in the metropolitan area
  • All-In-One service support
    Provides expert supports in the entire processes including initial consulting, network configuration, and dedicated line
  • Global connectivity
    CloudHub provides connectivity to the global cloud as well as domestic clouds.
  • Unrivaled network operation capabilities
    As the only L2-based IX operator in Korea that is recognized not only in Korea but also globally, KINX has composed various networks and has abundant operating experience.

Advantages of ‘IXcloud KDX through CloudHub’

Transmission quality

Efficiently link large amounts of data through a network direct connection and supports stable transmission quality.


Protects sensitive business data by controlling every path on the network and not exposing it to the public internet.


It can backup/save large amounts of data within a data center quickly and safely using a dedicated network connection.


It uses a variety of port speeds from 50Mbps to 100Mbps and 500Mbps, making it more cost-effective than when using a regular line.

Configuration method

CloudHub combines various connectivity with the lines that is connected with IXcloud to provide connectivity suited to customers’ environments and aims.

- It connects colocation resources within KINX IDC or connects infrastructure (on-premises) resources using a dedicated line.
- Hosted connections can support multi-cloud configuration and managed service.


  • STEP 1. Prepare to use the service
    - Create an IXcloud account
    - Check the desired speed of ports to be connected (50Mbps~500Mbps) and the number of connections
    - Include a dedicated line If it is required when applying for the service
  • STEP 2. Settings for IXcloud - KINX section linkage
    - Connect physical lines with KDX
    - Assign bandwidth and VLAN ID
  • STEP 3. Connect BGP routing and on-premises
    - Settings for BGP connection
    - Settings for routing environments
  • STEP 4. Complete service connection using IXcloud KDX

What is CloudHub?

Meet CloudHub's Cloud eXchange (CX), which enables you to use multi-clouds with one line. You can build dedicated networks for multiple clouds, such as AWS and MS Azure, on a single line. Using CloudHub, you not only use various services in a stable network environment but also reduce costs.

What is CloudHub?

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