Network Optimal for Cloud

Network for Cloud

Network and public IP is required for enabling services after creating instances.
Create and manage network resources such as public IP, private IP, subnet, gateway, and routers.

Easy Network Enablement

Automated network deployment for beginners Create, connect, and enable network and routers easily.


· Network fees : One free network per account; KRW 30,000/month for additional network

· Traffic rates

Items Tier (monthly) Unit Price
(KRW/GB, VAT Exclusive)
In-Bound Free Measure monthly usage rate and
calculate monthly fees.
Out-Bound Less than 1TB Free
1TB ~ 40TB 80
40TB ~ 100TB 70
More than 100TB 60

* Users will be provided up to 1TB of outbound network traffic free for combined VMs created in each project.

· Traffic costs for intra-KINX services

Section Rates
(KRW/GB, VAT Exclusive)
· Inbound traffic
· Private IP traffic
· Outbound traffic to object storage through public IP
Free 1 Free
· Outbound traffic to KINX Cloud, IDC, CDN services for the same account through public IP 25 Free up to 1TB
(Separate from network outbound 1TB)

* For inbound traffic charging, notify sales representatives ahead in order to apply above charging standard.

Features of Network Management

· Create and enable router, subnet, gateway, and IP

· Manage network topology

· Limit network access

· Assign private IP

· Enable VPN

· Configure security and port

Network Component

KINX Cloud Service, Cloud Network Component.

FAQ on using Network