Cloud Prices

Basic Instance

Items Specifications Price (KRW / VAT exclusive)
VCore Memory Disk Monthly Hourly
1Core 1GB 1 1GB 50GB 20,000 30
1Core 2GB 1 2GB 31,000 50
2Core 2GB 2 2GB 40,000 60
2Core 4GB 2 4GB 64,000 90
4Core 4GB 4 4GB 85,000 120
4Core 8GB 4 8GB 125,000 180
8Core 8GB 8 8GB 160,000 230
8Core 16GB 8 16GB 240,000 340
12Core 16GB 12 16GB 310,000 440
12Core 32GB 12 32GB 490,000 690
16Core 16GB 16 16GB 380,000 530
16Core 32GB 16 32GB 550,000 770

High Memory Instance

Items Specifications Price (KRW / VAT exclusive)
VCore Memory Disk Monthly(KRW) Hourly
4Core 16GB 4 16GB 50GB 180,000 260
4Core 32GB 4 32GB 280,000 390
8Core 32GB 8 32GB 380,000 530
8Core 62GB 8 62GB 540,000 760
12Core 62GB 12 62GB 620,000 870
16Core 62GB 16 62GB 710,000 990

* The monthly fees will be prorated for the first month.

* Creating volume is required for the installation of OS and data storage

Server Image

Items Monthly fees(KRW, taxes excluded)
BBasic(Until 8Core) 2Core Plus
MS Windows Windows Server Standard 20,000 5,000
Windows Server DataCenter 150,000 37,500
MSSQL MSSQL Server Standard + Windows Std 310,000 5,000
MSSQL Server Standard + Windows DC 440,000 37,500
Linux Cent OS Free

* MS-Windows Server Enterprise version is end-of-sales (EOS) hence enterprises having existing Enterprise license can only install and use Enterprise version. KINX is not responsible of illegal installation of Enterprise Windows OS.


Items Monthly fees (KRW, VAT excluded) Note
Image once 2,500 Snapshot price is set after snap shot set up and monthly cost for storage is not charged.
Image 1GB/month 100 Charging starts the next month after the 1st day of starting Snapshot

Network traffic

Items Charging traffic amount (month) Unit Price (KRW/GB, VAT Exclusive) Note
In-Bound N/A Free Measure monthly usage and determine monthly unit
(round the tenths digit)
Out-Bound Less than 1TB Free
1TB ~ 40TB 80
40TB ~ 100TB 70
Over 100TB 60

* Users will be provided up to 1TB of outbound network traffic free for combined VMs created in each project.

Traffic within KINX

Section Rates (KRW/GB, VAT Exclusive) Note
  • Inbound traffic
  • Traffic caused by private IP
  • Outbound traffic for object-storage through public IP
free 1 Free
Outbound traffic for KINX Cloud, co-location, server hosting, CDN service 25 Free of charge till 1 TB
(but, network 1TB outbound is separately charged)

* For inbound traffic charging, notify sales representatives ahead in order to apply above charging standard.


Items Billing Monthly fees (KWD, VAT excluded) Note
Router Per 1 router 5,000 Free for 1 router

Public IP

Items Monthly fees (KWD, VAT excluded) Note
Public IP 5,000 1 free public IP provided per 1 instance


Items Volume Monthly Fees (KRW, VAT Exclusive) Note
Standard Volume 50GB 2,500
Supreme Volume 100GB 10,000 Additional 10% when using Supreme Burst Insurance
1 IOPS 32

The rates for Supreme Volume are based on the volume and specifications.
The minimum volume is 100GB and the maximum volume is 1TB. 3000~12000 IOPS is available according to volume.

Server Monitoring

Items Monthly Fees (KRW, VAT Exclusive)
Infrastructure Monitoring VM 1EA 20,000
Application Monitoring
Node.js / JAVA
Core 1EA 25,000


Items Monthly Fees (KRW, VAT Exclusive) Note
VM Agent 1EA 5,000 Billing will be calculated and daily basis for usage under 15 days.
Over 15 days will be billed for the whole month
Storage 50GB 15,000 Billing will be calculated on the maximum usage for the month

* Billing is applied by adding up the number of backup agents installed in the instance and the storage usage (in units of 50 GB).

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