Professional trade business between China and Korea

Yiruse started bi-lateral trading from 2003 to now between China and Korea; the main goal of Yiruse is to introduce global companies from the two countries and expand their markets.
Current Yiruse’s marketing niche is bi-lateral trading, Chinese on-offline fairs, cosmetic stores and O2O(online to offline) stores.


Searched ways to increase online shopping revenue

Yiruse’s users are mostly Chinese online shoppers and its main target is to meet huge needs of Korean brand products in China.
Operating online shopping mall for Chinese shoppers has both pros and cons. It is challenging to operate an IDC in China due to the Chinese government’s regulations ; yet, there are lots of business chances to attract more Chinese shoppers through an online shopping mall website.

What did KINX do?

Suggested CDC to improve the Internet service quality

KINX suggested CDC to improve irregular and unstable connectivity of Yiruse’s network since CN2, which is an enterprise dedicated line service used for CDC, provides high stability and speed. In addition, KINX engineers at IDC monitor and manage the network center that helps to reduce server management costs and provide more convenience to customers.

More about ‘Network – China Direct Connect’


4 times faster than before but more inexpensive operation costs

Yiruse boosted the speed of the website four times with KINX CDC and made all online shopping process faster . Furthermore, Yiruse successfully cut its IDC management and operation costs, it became able to offer cheaper prices to its customers.