Global publisher that provides different games in Asia

PLAYONE ASIA is a global publisher that was established in 2015. It provides FPS games such as Blackshot, MMORPG, Echo of Soul (EOS) and Tree of Savior overseas.
Its main service area is Malaysia and Singapore and it provides simple games and organizes different activities such as supporting game leagues.



Need to reduce increasing infrastructure cost in contrast to total sales

The infrastructure cost increased as the traffic of published games also increased. As number of users increased, more errors occurred in downloading game files and also the network speed was slower than domestic average speed to use local environment.

What did KINX do?

Providing global output that ensures speed and quality

We have suggested a global transmission service considering the environment of PLAYONE ASIA which provides global services. We have ensured high speed and security using many edge servers and networks even if the speed was not that fast in certain local environment. Also we have deployed redundant POPs so that the other POPs would function under emergencies. Lastly, we have set up a English maintenance website so that the company headquarter and the working-level staff could efficiently communicate.

More about ‘CDN – Global CDN’


Reduced 50% of the cost, Enabled efficient communication

After using our global transmission service, PLAYONE ASIA was able to provide more stable and faster service to its users. They could also handle their tasks more efficiently through efficient communication with KINX (and due to English maintenance webpage). More importantly, they could reduce 50% of the cost compared to their usual costs.