Launch of a new product for the IXcloud® security service.


Welcome to KINX Inc., an internet infrastructure service company.

We are glad to announce the launch of a new product for the IXcloud™ security service.

* Virus Vaccine
It’s a security service to prepare for cyberattacks and malware threats through malware emerging every day.
Security functions including anti-virus, firewall, intrusion safeguard, etc. are provided as one solution to prepare for various cyberattacks.
Experience IXcloud virus vaccine if in need of a response to various virus threats, real-time protection, and automatic recovery when infected.
Go to IXcloud>Security>Virus Vaccine for details.

* Ransomware Block
Protect resource from new/variant ransomware that are unpredictable as they intrude without the user noticing it.
It can block even new ransomware by blocking or defending ransomware action in advance and recovering the damaged files to normal files.
Go to IXcloud>Security>Ransomware Block for details.

* Web Server Safeguard
Prevents security accidents by detecting, automatically blocking, and quarantining web server malware in real-time.
Detects forgeries of website, illegal changes in web server setting files, theft of personal information from WAS linked DB in real-time.
Go to IXcloud>Security>Web Server Safeguard for details.

Thank you.