Game portal site for all League of Legends users

OP.GG is a global game portal site providing battle logs for ‘League of Legends (LOL)’ users. If you search a nick name of one user, his game information can be searched. Because of this convenience, on average 150 million users visit this website. Since 2015, OP.GG expanded its domestic market to global.

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Needed dedicated circuits for a new game service

OPGG chose KINX IDC due to its geographical proximity from its data center. After then, OPGG developed a new game service with other game provider and this cooperative work needed to set up a dedicated circuit to connect the two locations( between OPGG and its business partner). Also, OPGG was looking for a cost –effective dedicated circuit.

What did KINX do?

Suggested cross connect to provide flexible options for dedicated circuit

KINX suggested cross connect service so that OPGG could provide its new service more reliable and stable by letting customers choose their circuits among many ISPs. Also cost reduction became easier with KINX cloud service. OPGG found that high-spec server was needed to effectively operate the service. KINX involved in from the beginning of the process which was installing desired server. Furthermore, OPGG needed more physical servers but chose to introduce cloud so that existing servers didn’t have to be moved into other IDCs.

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Became able to focus on contents development due to KINX services

From getting KINX services, OPGG released the burden of preparing for the right type of infra because KINX offered the optimized network hardware equipment, installed and monitored at an optimized IDC environment. As a result, OPGG’s contents continuously got better and better and this improvement attracted more customers and grew its reputation.