Online game leader in Korea

NCSoft developed online games called Lineage, Aion, Blade&Soul, Guild War etc. and its reputation is well-known in the game industry with the popular games.
KINX CDN service has been used to function those online games smoothly and provide the best quality and high speed for globally distributed NCSoft users.

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Needed fast and reliable file patching.

Online games require quite a lot of storage (sometimes more than 10GB) due to graphic display improvement and high quality cinema movie. Ncsoft was not different from other online game providers. It became critical to ensure enough traffic and storage to offer the best quality of online games. In addition, when a game patch needs to be upgraded, downloading speed became much slower than usual. Even worse, the increasing number of servers was not the right solution to solve this issue.

What did KINX do?

Suggested KINX CDN game/file download Service.

KINX suggested CDN game/file download service for reducing traffic costs and improving quality of data transmission.
CDN game/file download service is hybrid-CDN using 2 different downloading ways that combine P2P (Peer to Peer) with HTTP(server) download. This effectively reduces the chance of having network congestion since P2P downloading is occurred just among peers. Especially, game providers who need to provide large client file and file patch frequently need this hybrid CDN service.

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Sending client file and patch files fast and reliable and reducing 50% of operation costs.

Ncsoft reduced its 50% of operation cost and became able to provide large data to its users by using KINX CDN game/file download service.
Ncsoft was able to reduce its costs to the half because of KINX hybrid CDN service (P2P + HTTP); the frequency of downloading through HTTP became much lower than P2P downloading which led to reducing network traffic congestion.