Educational business aiming to provide the best quality online lectures everywhere in Korea

Iumsol is a multi-media educational business that provides online lessons without having geographical barriers. Iumsol aims to provide high-quality educational services to every part of Korea by providing online lectures. As one of the leading educational business, Iumsol has all levels of students from elementary to high school students.
Recently, professors from Peking university started lecturing Chinese one-on-one online through Iumsol website. Iumsol online lecture with KINX CDC became able to provide high-quality online lectures.


Had to find out how to provide reliable 1:1 video lecture service by professors from Peking University

Iumsol experienced a challenge providing real-time online Chinese language lectures , since it was not able to provide fast and reliable online lectures with existing Internet network. Iumsol had to find out a solution to reduce latency and enhance network quality for boosting Internet speed.

What did KINX do?

Suggested China Direct Connect for faster Internet speed to major cities in China

Iumsol’s existing Internet network had a severe issue since there was not an efficient way to provide stable online lectures recorded by professors located in China. To solve this technical issue, Iumsol chose China Direct Connect (CDC) that enables faster Internet connectivity to major cities in China. China Telecom built the next-generation, enterprise-only network, “CN2”. KINX IDC engineers monitor and provide technical supports for 24/7 in case of occurring errors.

More about ‘Network – China Direct Connect


Unstable online video lecture services

Iumsol could provide well –made online lectures by using KINX’s China Direct Connect to solve its technical issue which was having a challenge to send HD online lectures. Before using KINX service, video lectures were disconnected frequently due to low speed of the Internet in China; yet, Iumsol with KINX became able to offer stable online lecture services with enterprise-only network, CN2.