Professional education business for more than 20 years

In 1995, EDUCO was founded to provide educational services for all ages and it’s been more than 20 years; EDUCO successfully introduced textbooks for afterschool activities for children and educational books for adults. EDUCO is the first on-offline integrated educational system operator in Korea and steadily expanded its business.

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Enhanced protection against illegally distributing video contents

EDUCO is one of KINX customers getting IDC services. The first priority is to prevent illegally distributing EDUCO contents since it causes a huge negative impact on its sales revenue. EDUCO compared multiple CDN companies and chose KINX CDN since KINX provides not only CDN but also a CDN player with a feature preventing illegal distribution.

What did KINX do?

Provided required web security services including DRM

The first priority for EDUCO was preventing against illegal contents distribution and so needed a video player having security features. KINX provided a CDN video player with a transcoder so that Educo users could watch video lectures provided by EDUCO everywhere and anytime with any types of device.

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Preventing illegal contents distribution and improving quality of Educo services

EDUCO became able to use a video player with security features and prevented illegal contents distribution. By using CDN services and a video player solely from KINX, it became much easier for EDUCO engineers to manage their services.