Stable International traffic exchange.

Remote Peering

KINX Network Service Remote Peering. Remote Peering offers smooth Internet connectivity interconnected PoPs(Point-of-Presence) in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

KINX, global infrastructure company, offers smooth Internet connectivity interconnected PoPs
(Point-of-Presence) in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

  • Providing fast speed and reliable quality from KINX in Seoul to L.A. with 10G submarine cable
  • 250 members and 190 members at Hong Kong and L.A. PoPs respectively

of Remote Peering

Interconnection with global ISPs

Global ISPs, who are already KINX peers, can be simply linked to our backbone network by using our international transit.

Internet Services Quality Improvement

The direct interworking among ISPs via remote peering minimizes latency, providing with customers optimized paths and high service quality.

Transit cost reduction

The establishment of a single circuit allows traffic connection with the company being linked to the KINX IX center, saving circuit cost.

Higher Efficiency with Route Server

KINX’s route server, collected all routing table information from our IX peers, enables more efficient and faster traffic exchange.

Great Performance of Remote Peering

Not only fast speed but also reliable connectivity are provided via KINX Remote Peering.

Flexibility of Remote Peering

IX is an easy way to enter and interconnect with existing IX members due to flexible and neutral IX policies with KINX.

IX (peering) structure

KINX Remote Peering, IX (peering) structure
  • KINX’s main role is to connect customers and KINX IX members for better telecommunication.
  • Global enterprise can interconnect with KINX IX.

Remote Peering Services

Services Information
(L2 IX)
lease 100Mbps / 1Gbps / 10Gbps switch ports
Dedicated Circuits dedicated circuits from global PoPs to KINX IDC

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Cases of Remote Peering

“KINX, who serves 17% of the Korean eyeballs,
provides cost-efficient services and constructs reliable networks.”

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