New features added to CloudHub™ Router


We are KINX Co., Ltd., an Internet infrastructure provider.

We’d like to inform you of the new features added to CloudHub™ Router.

CloudHub™ Router is a virtual router that is needed for interconnection of CSP and CX with the customer’s BGP using CloudHub. In the past, the customer had to bring in a router or rent a router from KINX to use CloudHub, but now with CloudHub™ Router, it’s possible to use the router service without any physical equipment.

It’s more affordable to use CloudHub™ Router than a physical router, and plus, managed services are provided for the network, routing, BGP configuration, and other difficult tasks. Moreover, you can check the detailed information on and monitor CloudHub™ Router on the CloudHub administration portal.

For more detailed information, please check out the CloudHub page.

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Thank you.