The explosive growth of the e-learning market is often attributed to the recent technological progress.
The 3.5 trillion-won market has been experiencing the annual growth of more than 10% since 2009.
The Korean e-learning companies are expanding its business to neighboring countries.
Most recently, the demand for e-learning is increasing in the Middle East, China, and India with the improvement of ICT environment.

2014 E-Learning Market

E-learning is mostly based on streaming, which requires content distribution and security solutions as well as LMS.
In addition, connecting to existing database using API is crucial

Reports on content delivery, seamless connectivity to global locations, and compatability with various mobile devices must be supported

Meet KINX, the best E-learning solutions and know-how on management.

Needs of E-learning

  • Seamless streaming solution to deliver e-learning content
  • Security solution (blocking URL hooking, encryption, access control, mobile DRM)
  • Transcoding to any types of media
  • Cost-effective and efficient storage
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure that could absorb traffic surge during events
  • Management system for administrators
  • Global network sourcing and planning capacity
  • Professional and customized consultation

Case Study

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Service Details

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Global E-learning comany

CDN Video Streaming

KINX provides the best video streaming environment. It supports RTMP / RTSP / MMS / HLS streaming based on WMS and FMS.

CDN Global CDN

KINX, with its edge servers and global network, delivers content to every corner of the world.


OpenMix, multi-CDN solution by KINX, is a smart load balancing service based on real-time measurement of network speed.

CDN Cloud Storage

Use cloud storage and CDN according to demand, and raise efficiency by saving data in storage.

Cloud Load balancer

Raise network efficiency and prevent bottleneck by automatically distributing incoming traffic to instances.


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