dcinside is one of the leading domestic online agora

Since 1999 dcinside became an online agora for expressing opinions about social issues online. Main services are photo gallery, News and shopping and daily page views – on average – are more than 7 millions.

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Long page loading time due to online contents

dcinside is one of the biggest online communities in Korea that countless image files and other online contents are uploaded in the Gallery section. dcinside users upload numerous image files daily and this makes dcinside a bit challenging to be capable of operating the gallery section due to the needs in huge traffic bandwidth.

What did KINX do?

Suggested web/mobile transmission service to load image files faster at anytime and from anywhere

KINX CDN web/mobile caching services helped dcinside to provide high quality images by saving them at our edge servers when those images are frequently used. This caching service shortens loading time for high quality of image. Saving image files at edge servers makes network transition much more smooth and faster. Using edge servers made uploading huge files easier and faster as well.
In addition, preventing DDoS attack was one of the priorities for dcinside and this needs has been met by KINX Site Defender.
Since online communities are easily targeted by DDoS attackers, dcinside became less vulnerable against DDoS before KINX Site Defender.

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Much faster loading speed made DCInside more active

Previously, dcinside experienced slow loading speed due to large file size and also lack of storage size for uploading image files. Yet, CDN web/mobile service solved the two issues mentioned above. Also, dcinside users could be able to upload and download large size of image files, while they are communicating through website.