KINX enhanced DDoS protection service

Who needs it?

  • In need of secured website while providing massive contents

  • In need of anti-DDoS service

  • In need of security service which blocks hacking, and malicious code

  • Company having difficulties with setting up their own security system

Site Defender is

Site defender is a combined product of CDN and DDoS mitigation services.
While distributing your contents via CDN, you are protected from DDoS attack by KINX DDoS mitigation service.

KINX CDN Service, Site Defender Conception. IT is Site defender is a combined product of CDN and DDoS mitigation services.


Guaranteed service availability

KINX professional engineer monitors your service 24/7 and supports promptly in any situations.

Affordable flat-rate fee

No additional fees on number of DDoS attacks and the sizes.


  • DDoS protection on whole web services including dynamic contents
  • Monitors and blocks any abnormal traffics and TCP attack
  • Registers/blocks IP address causing DDoS attack
  • 24/7 monitoring and tech support
  • Provides logs and reports

How to use
Site Defender

  1. Configure information such as URL, IP, Protocol, and port on L7 in K-Clean Zone.
  2. Customer receives information of how to test the service.
  3. After a contract, KINX notifies IP address of KINX CDN server to customer.
  4. Customer can set their IP address towards KINX edge servers not only when customer is under DDoS attack, but also at anytime they want.
  5. Customers can change their web IP address at DNS server to KINX edge server IP address at anytime they want.

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